Mike Pettine believes coverage of double TE packages will be key against Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Freddy Cuba Reply

I’m sure ray lewis gave them a call and apologized.

    Thomas Pick Reply

    Pettine needs to shave his face. No beard, no mustache. Then, he can earn extra cash posing as Mr. Clean on advertisements.

Robert Donelson Reply

Our run game is great our defense is coming together we are coming together as a team all together!!!!

    Chris Caahbaugh Reply

    You are looking good but my lions gonna make ya sweat…should be a good game good luck and stay healthy

    JJ Lahey Reply

    Chris Caahbaugh gl bro. Hope we beat you, but my bigger hope is no injuries on either side. Let’s both bring pride to the NFCN!

    Thomas Pick Reply

    Chris Caahbaugh This is a great, historical rivalry. I want to see good sportsmanship. Why does Jaire Alexander leave so much space between the man he is covering? Stafford is a great qb. Patricia is a good head coach. Lions should have beat the Chiefs. Looking forward to an exciting game.

    Robert Donelson Reply

    It’s shaping up to be a good game and what other way to have it but on Monday night may the best team win

Damean Wards Reply

So glad we have Pettine

    Thomas Pick Reply

    Damean Wards Yes, Pettine is wonderful. He was interviewed and hired by Mike McCarthy, a great coach.

    T C Reply

    @Thomas Pick Mike McCarthy was a great coach it’s just that at the end his play calling became predicable and easy to read and he just never changed it up.

    aaron berhane Reply

    T C yea I agree McCarthy wasn’t bad he just called the same plays over and over again

    Stephen Tripp Reply

    Yes! Move on from Dom!

zamfambam Reply

Stop the run!!!

    tylerao Reply

    zamfambam I’ve always felt GB needs a better trainer in the gym. Building your body to be hit is something you can do. I’m sick of every game getting injured players. Strength and Conditioning needs to be priority #1

tylerao Reply

Players that eat together, win together

    Thomas Pick Reply

    tylerao And lay turds together (but do not eat them).

Christopher Noneyabizness Reply

Nice red herring….

Stephanoe Wilks Reply

The Lions Are About To Become Another Divisional Victim Of The Pack & Another Team Checked✔️ Off Our Hit list📋😈 It’s A Must #GoPackGo🧀

Jose Zamora Reply

Lions hve. 1 of the best offensive.lines 1 center in nfl ragnow. #3 guard Glasgow. They r going to run the ball up your throat

    Jeff Johnson Reply

    Lions suck

    Josh Smith Reply

    I thought the cowboys would do the same we’ll see about that.

John Wayne Everett Reply


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