Mike McCarthy: Zeke Needs to Touch the Ball | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike McCarthy: Zeke Needs to Touch the Ball | Dallas Cowboys 2020

Head coach Mike McCarthy discussed a variety of topics from confidence and flexibility in the safety position, his commitment to the running game and more

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Drizzling Reply

First? big cowboy fan btw. EDIT: SIGN EARL THOMAS!!

    I like pulse Reply

    Drizzling yeah

    Charles Stiles Reply


    Charles Stiles Reply

    A.B 2.0

I like pulse Reply

Cowboys Nation!

    I like pulse Reply

    Surge Rome dude shut up

    C D Reply

    Anyone here like dubstep and love the cowboys. Im an aspiring dj producer. Search Avow – Cryptic Chaos on all platforms. 🙏❤

    C D Reply

    @Surge Rome Roy Williams. Barry Church. Jeff Heath plays now.

    Surge Rome Reply

    @I like pulse go back to your toys little boy.

    Surge Rome Reply

    @C D Jamal and Earl are still better safeties over Williams, Church and Heath.

Chris Wise Reply

Love that coach McCarthy is in big D

Joe Onemanteam Reply

A team

scarface 38 Reply

There were times last year where giving zeke the ball actually hurt the cowboys offense

    Joshua Eason Reply

    That’s what happens when you put 2 blocking TEs on the field and the entire world knows you’re running. You won’t see that this year. Alot more run plays through 11 personnel and 21 personnel. More disguise and better blocking schemes.

    Chris Dantzler Reply

    I don’t think he’s just referring to Zeke though… looking at this offense, quite a few defensive coordinators are probably saying “F$@&… where do we start?” 😂😆😂😆

    JK Foster Reply

    @Chris Dantzler LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

    Problematic33rd Reply

    He said touch the ball. Swing routes, screens, delays, draws, and lining up outside. Not just running. Like how dalvin cook ripped us last season

Thiago Gomes Reply

Let’s put subtitles for other countries like Portuguese!!!!!


    You can clearly write and understand English. 🤦‍♂️

    Thiago Gomes Reply

    @DNBPORVIDA Yes, I understand, but we have many fans in Brazil who do not

    GC Reply

    @Thiago Gomes ugh lol, I mean c’mon, where do we stop? The whole screen will be covered with subtitles of 40 different languages if we did that.

Adam Johnston Reply

When he says “you need to run the ball to be successful as a football team,” does he mean in general? Or is he specifically saying the Washington Football Team needs to run more?

CowboysN Coffee Reply

So refreshing not hearing the same robotic responses. So glad Garrett is gone.

    Anthony Williams Reply

    Op 00pp

Justin Johnson Reply

Big Mc is in the big D
Lets go Cowboys Nation

Chris Gonz Reply

I thinl we are gonna have a great year mike mccarthy and mike has put together a great coaching staff if not the most experienced coaching staff we ever had in terms of head coaching and coaching all around for a long time like mike nolan and mike mccarthy

Cowboys Fan1977 Reply

Feels good to have a Real coach.

lasay inchrist Reply


    Jordan Roque Reply


    jrod2422ify Reply

    No he doesn’t. If that were the case he would of fired JG along time ago

Tommie Jenkins Reply

He’s turned this thing around already you can tell bye his camp so far actual real competition players are buying in

Anthony Osburn Reply

I still do believe that Maccarthy is that guy I just don’t.

Tony Stonez Reply


Jeff Flank Reply


William Sprake Reply

I did not see anyone clapping on the field at training camp.

Lands End Reply

people please dont take the bait and start falling in love so fast with all these changes…its been 25 years..

Red Leader Reply

Coach Mike will bring it home for us! I’m glad Garrett is gone also. Good luck to him.

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