Mike McCarthy Hires Veteran Coaching Staff | Cowboys Huddle – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike McCarthy Hires Veteran Coaching Staff | Cowboys Huddle

New coach Mike McCarthy addresses his coaching staff, discussing his new coordinators and how the offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott will be featured in 2020.

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Cracked Jr

I hope he can get a superbowl for us

    dirty dan

    this team has done alot under mediocre coaching. theres no doubt a coach with actual experience in playoffs and superbowl, that the boys are going to make it the superbowl. as long as Jerry butts out at least and lets McCarthy do what he needs.

    Armanii Wright

    @dirty dan if we get anthony harris itll be kinda betterπŸ‘€

    Edster III

    Well McCarthy has a knack with teaching and molding young QB’s. The Cowboys are LOADED with serious weapons. The question is not IF or WILL they win a SuperBowl, but WHEN.

Really BadAim

Good luck Mike. Run the score up on the Eagles.

    Jimmy Cline

    And the frekin Packers!

A. Hernandez

And when we have em down Mike.
Step on there throat


Sheeesh! This is dope, excited for the next season for sure.


Let’s Go Big Mike Let’s Go Cowboys

    Cuauhtemoc Acosta Anzures


Steve Balistreri

Life long Packer fan and live in Green Bay. Jerry hired the right coach to get the Cowboy’s to the Super Bowl. The wrong guy was fired in Green Bay. Mike is extremely loyal to the team and to his players. Both Mike and his wife are great citizens and very generous to the community. Cowboy’s are lucky to have him. Good luck.

    A. B.

    Respect to the Packers.

    Edster III

    Well said.

    Edster III

    @Adult Fan Of Legahs It was said because we are well aware of who Mike McCarthy is as a coach AND as a member of the community. Let me ask you, do you feel better trashing someone for showing actual respect to someone. I AM ALSO A PACKERS FAN. I ALSO WISH THE COWBOYS LUCK. WHY? DO I WANT A COOKIE? NO!! I have the utmost respect for this man as a coach. He did great things for our team AND our city. If that bothers you, your the one with the issue. I don’t get why a gesture of respect gets people like you to play childish name calling games. What do you want a cookie? Really? A 8 year old says that. Come on grow up or please get some help.

    Edster III

    @Adult Fan Of Legahs Well if your not a child, you sure act like one. I’d explain just how pathetic your attitude is but honestly your not worth the time or the effort. So blast away little fella. Give yourself some much needed justification that you are lacking. Your constant attacks and vilification just prove your compensating for some inadequacy. Just get some help little fella. It’ll be okay.

    Adult Fan Of Legahs

    Edster III try harder

Kinto \》

Coach Mike should give us the fans a tour of his office .

    Matthew Hamilton

    I’m sure he will between now and next year


I like that Al Harris addition

Kaptain KoRn

Thank god, no more Jason garret show.

    2 Faces Of Evil

    Kaptain KoRn I agree thank god so annoying lol

    Ezequiel Estrada

    Were gonna play against him now hes gonna be the offensive coordinator of the New York giants

    Jimmy Cline

    No more listening to we have to win on all 3 phases of the game, playing cowboy football!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

David Luna

Drew Pearson needs to be in the Hall of Fame the hail Mary is a part of history

    Michael smith



    @Michael smith Drew had better numbers than most of the 70’s NFL receivers that are already in the HOF

    The Stranger at Night

    His reaction was sad man

    Skankhunt 42

    He is

    ICE H2O

    @Titus, Lynn Swann and John Stallworth didn’t have hall of fame numbers, but they put on a show in the super bowls. Plus they beat Roger Staubach, Tom Landry, and Drew Pearson in the Super Bowl twice. Can’t discount that.


No on the TE a high pick. Safety and DT are no brainer plus have to add defensive free agents this year.

Jeff Holland

We’ve waited 25 years for another Super Bowl, I don’t have 25 more years left to wait. Get it done!

    Jeff Holland

    dirty dan agreed

    Jeff Holland

    Titus you’ve obviously never worked for the Federal Government.

    Victor Masudani

    @Jeff Holland No; same thing goes working for the Gov. If they don’t like you, its call job retitlement

    Jeff Holland

    Victor Masudani not where I worked for 30 years, NOBODY got fired short of a FELONY!

___Blaine Ozuna___

Build Our Team with players that Hate losing!
Instead of asking if they love football.πŸ’―πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

2 Faces Of Evil

Dallas will be beast next year under McCarthy!!

    Florencio Rodriguez

    yep but stand no chance against Packers facts not opinions

    Edster III

    @Florencio Rodriguez What? McCarthy coached Rodgers for MANY YEARS. HE KNOWS HIM. I am a Packers fan, but to say that, nope Dallas has FAR MORE OFFENSIVE WEAPONS. They will be deadly. I think that Dallas will be a BEAST.
    Quick prediction…next season 12-4, maybe 13-3.

    2 Faces Of Evil

    Edster III thank you bro I hope 🀞🏻 so

sam patronella

I finally feel good about the cowboys

tim scott

The Beginning of a new Era. Us cowboy fans have been waiting sooooo long for this.

Armanii Wright

The 5 dislikes was from eagles fans lol

joe thumm

Congrats Jimmy on HOF…….jerry not putting him on cowboys ring of honor….SHAMEFUL !!!!!!!

Jimmy Cline

I remember when Green Bay fired him! I couldn’t believe it! I remember wishing they would fire Garret and get Mike MCcarthy! I allways thought Arron Rogers ran him off! Can you imagine if the 49rs win it this year and the Cowboys win it next year, it would be just like where we left off! I want to play the 49rs in the NFC championship again, it’s been long time coming! The true rival 49rs VS Cowboys! Everything else is just boring!

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