Mike Mayock Previews Raiders’ 2020 Offseason | Upon Further Review – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Mayock Previews Raiders’ 2020 Offseason | Upon Further Review

Raiders.com's Eddie Paskal sits down with General Manager Mike Mayock to discuss the 2019 rookie draft class, re-signing guard Richie Incognito, the emergence of defensive end Maxx Crosby, and looks ahead to the 2020 offseason on this episode of Upon Further Review.

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Sol6rG6mes ForYou

SolarRaider here.
Cant wait for Sin City! Let’s go boys!

Angel Bonilla

Let’s go mayock. You are a big part of our success. Thank you.


Mike Mayock is the working most working hardest Raider he is making moves No Doubt



BUM Productions

So excited for the off season

Master of Magetism

Long as we have mayock drafting I’m very happy!!

Luis Galvez

In MAYOCK I trust!

Salvador Manzanera

all that b’s they been saying that he was gonna leave the team the haters want us to fell….

    Miguel R

    Fall or fail?

    Salvador Manzanera

    @Miguel R my bad thanks for the help you spelling B champ lol….


There was some rumors that Mike was gonna leave this off-season, glad to see that he’s dedicated to staying with the Raiders!


    I hope you didnt believe it

    Kush Mob 420

    @JustPlaying2020 right, i knew he wasnt going anywhere


    I hope he stays. Mayock nailed his 1st draft overall. The value we got in the 4th and 5th rounds was stellar.

    That said, part of the speculation was the the job wasn’t what he was expecting. Maybe it isn’t. As long as he’s still interested and motivated to do it, I’m happy.

    Jerrett Dunlap

    Cut It no he wasn’t 😂 it was the fool Tim Kawakami

    Gabe N

    Why would he go anywhere hes just getting started

Tess Tickles

Let’s get another great draft

    iCumOnLosers 69

    Tess Tickles let me get your number

Alfonso Cuevas

Mayock. He ain’t going anywhere!!!

Rodney Martinez

Tafur was hating because RAIDERS are moving!🖕

    Makaveli Raider Productions

    @Shaun Wells he is didn’t know that thanks for the news.

    Joshua scott

    @JustPlaying2020 same

    Julien Stratton

    Vic tafur is a dbag

    Alex Alaniz

    @Shaun Wells since when? I seen his tweets say he’s COVERING the Raiders from the Athletic, not moving

    Danny Garcia

    Alex Alaniz he announced it on Twitter he’s covering the Raiders in Las Vegas.

Alan Becerra

Every one lauphed when they hired this guy.
He ends up drafting the most productive rookie class in raider history,his first year.
Tv guys hate to see other tv guys prosper.

    Joshua scott

    @Dylan F I agree with u

    Rene Basavand

    Mike mayock was always a genius smarter then the rest of the clowns for years easly!!!! Glad his with us wish we give him a ten year deal

    Dan DeMaio

    Not no more…now pure jealousy

    Rossonero Diavolo

    Stephen A Smith

    Creed Lewis

    Hell yeah and all those people that passed on him aren’t lauphing now! 🤣


Mike at the East vs west game looking for the next madd max Crosby believe me he’s going to find one in Mayock I trust RN4L

    J.R. Elgran

    Hopefully a linebacker

    Joshua scott

    @J.R. Elgran simmons if we reach him

    Rossonero Diavolo

    We have 5 picks in the first 90. That’s a ton of good talent available


I love how Mike Mayock Talks about The Team. He feels exactly the same way that I do about almost everything

G Rezz

Finally something that isn’t dumb Twitter debates. Actually credited answers from an honest GM. Raiders looking up!

    Andrew Ena

    G Rezz REAL TALK G! Love it

Buzz Killington

If this team can get another draft class as strong as last years was then I think this team could legitimately be contending next year. It needs to happen for the sake of getting this franchise back on track, back to being what they’re supposed to be.

Sanjit T

Mike Mayock is a Stud GM

    Jorge Gordillo

    @Joshua scott but he did gave us Mack

    Joshua scott

    @Jorge Gordillo but he was trash in his rookie year the reason why he was good cause the coaches trained him

    Joshua scott

    @Jorge Gordillo reggie is trash

    Joshua scott

    @Jorge Gordillo he drafted murray and he turn out trash now hes good with the saints

    Joshua scott

    @Jorge Gordillo he also drafted Vanderdoes Dt and Brandon parker bust

manuel guardado

Mayoch is so calculated with every move he makes glad to have him a part of the nation ☠️☠️☠️☠️RN4L

Mark Yocum

Mr. Mayock, whatever you did last year, *do the same thing for the next decade, please* 🙏


Mayock is our best hope. We have a decent coach, average QB, and no defense. Only Mayock and his young players can save this.

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