Mike Kafka on the Evolution of the Offense Through 6 Games | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
New York Giants

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The Dank Gamer


Drew Bedore

Was this thing filmed at an airfield? Lol

    John Will

    Not sure if you’re familiar with the area but you can throw a rock and hit Newark from the practice field.

    Sisi Lotau


Anonymous Truth.

Did John Mara replicated Daniel Jones with shaved head and named him Mike Kafka?

    motorcycles 365

    He doesn’t say uhm enough


More health and productivity from said returning WRs should help the offense

SladeOne Gunner

Let’s go mike!

Daniel Nigra

Good grief… This audio for your interviews sucks. Every single press conference there is always audio problems. This doesn’t fit the new culture

Andrew Gill

Mike Kafka looks like he played play Spock

John Pandolfino

This guy’s the real deal…..very intense….sure the guys respect him tremendously….. he’s got head coach written all over him some day…..

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