Mike Evans on Matchup Against Giants Janoris Jenkins | Locker Room Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jeff Jackson

Mike will have a big game this week 💪🏿

Parish D

Evans with over 100yds and a TD this game. Book it!!!

Joan Melnick

He will easily have his goal to make-up for the last game. 100+. 🙂

Quan Ali

Buccs should trade brate an a few picks for Ramsey he will make our defense perfect he enjoy covering the best receiver that will make it easier for us to stop the other players plus we get him that’s 2 1st round corners him an Hargreaves BUCCS GO GET RAMSEY ASAP

    Al Rodriguez

    @Quan Ali true if we did happen to trade him he would hold his value sicne he a good player get summn outa him, still rather see him in red

    Al Rodriguez

    howard puts in heavy work though as well cannot discredit the boi

    Quan Ali

    @Al Rodriguez brate will help in open the jaguars offense he a big guy hard to pull down brate 3rd next year 1st following year

    Quan Ali

    @Al Rodriguez oj nice I don’t want us to trade him our three Evans Godwin Howard our triple threat

    Al Rodriguez

    @Quan Ali big facts

D Bilz

you heard that?? fans gotta bring it!! stand up and yell when the defense is on the field


    D Bilz that’s true because it’s a lot of Giants fans down in Florida…so Bucs fans better be louder

    D Bilz

    @AmaZment717 I was at the 69ers game 2 weeks ago and all the fans were pretty much dead!! I had to beg mf’rs to stand up with me. we always win the games that we participate in rom my experience

Jay Els

Jus stretch the field Evans. I won’t him to get stats but Evans is the best downfield option. Teams respect him so the offense can open up. Easy win for the Bucs.

Andy Garcia

Better have a big game killing my fantasy wr1 🙏 hopefully

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