Mike Evans on How the Younger Players Have Stepped Up | Bucs Locker Room Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Nocturnal's Tech Talk Reply

Tight lid Big Mike!! Can’t wait to see you and Jameis light up the scoreboard on Sunday!! Go Bucs!!💣💣💣

BucsFan 727 Reply

Best WR in the NFL. Add it up. Production+leadership+workethic+attitude. Hes humble and reworked his contract multiple times for the team. You cant ask for a better overall player.

    Aj Sewsankar Reply

    BucsFan 727 I think he’s highly underrated. And think he’s top 5 for sure. It’s my team. But he’s sadly not yet….. better than AB, Julio, d-hop. I’d say Evans since he’s younger is right behind them and in another season or 2 he will be the most elite. I just want him to continue getting over 1000 yards every season. If he can do it for another 2-5 seasons he’s guaranteed in the hall of fame. He’s already close to it now.

Adam Davies Reply

I need that lid 🔥🔥

Anthony Josh Reply

Sherman vs Evans

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