Mike Daniels on excitement for regular season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
That’s Insane




Delray Velo

This man is TIRED of answering the same damn questions

    Bryan Smith

    Delray Velo we’re tired of hearing it too. Ask him which DBZ character Snacks would be or something.

    Bootiebodypody AFO

    Idk why Detroit reporters are so bad lmao like seriously


    Bryan Smith kid boo for sure!


Pu2r Dline has a goos shot this year.

Ill be watching and rooting.


Gdub 2333

Shouldn’t chase winovich be at practice

    Steven P

    he’s spying for Belichick

    Brian Ellis


Steven P

Akiem Hicks still looks like… a bear

Richard Luebke

Delray Velo. I was thinking the exact same thing. I just hope he really is sincere and enjoys playing with these guys. I just wonder if his heart is still in GB.

Aegon One

I hope we keep this man til he retires. Having TWO veteran mentors for that dline will be beneficial for years to come. Hopefully after this season we sign him to a 2 year extension so we have both snacks and Daniel’s til 2021. Our dline will always be set.

    Kevin Yates

    They appeared all washed up in the 4th quarter

Aegon One

If snacks and Daniel’s weren’t here with us.. hand would have me worried.. but seeing as our dline rotation is top 3 if not the best in the league is VERY reassuring

    Kevin Yates

    Too bad they didn’t look near the top 25 against the Cardinals

    Aegon One

    @Kevin Yates they weren’t doing a traditional pass rush because kyler is so mobile.. any other pocket passing qb would have been screwed

Aegon One

“The day you stop seeking advice is the day you are done” hell ya

Patrick Wagner

Great guy

JWhite _whoRu

He gonna play with a chip on his shoulder #onepride just the piece we needed

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