Michael Thomas Says Preparation is Key vs Rams in Week 2 | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Michael Thomas Says Preparation is Key vs Rams in Week 2 | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints at Los Angeles Rams 2019 NFL Week 2 game.
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j p Reply

They only saying this cause they on camera camera off all the truth comes out

    Young Nola Reply

    j p right

    Kay B Reply

    We have been saying that for years. That’s how our Coach cashes his team. All interviews they all say the same thing. The Patriots are the same way. Never give too much. Don’t need to add fuel to the fire. Jus play the gm. It gonna be what it is.

j p Reply

This is vengeance this is not just another game

    Young Nola Reply

    j p πŸ’―

    Marooka 311 Reply

    truth πŸ”₯

    Dana Hudson Reply


George Brother Reply

Used kamara alot vs the rams they have no one to contain him!!!!

Tim Michael Reply

Watching the interviews you can tell the words coming out of their mouths don’t match the facial expressions or tone they are using to say them. It’s definitely more than another game.

Terria White Reply

May God bless Our SAINTS this Season πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Angry Genius Reply

This man bout to eat on Sunday ain’t nobody on the rams squad can stop this man

    Harry Reply

    4 catches for 36 yards in the NFC championship πŸ˜‚

    Randy Major Reply

    @Harry u played yourself. everybody were being utilized offensively in that matchup. tight end, runningback, slot receivers.

Zoe Wilson Reply


    infinitewonder305 Reply

    You like praying mantis

    Zoe Wilson Reply

    @infinitewonder305 reporting you for harassing meπŸ˜‹

Indii G. Reply

he lowkey look like 21 savage lmao

Ty Smith Reply

Mike is an og

    Jerome Cordier Reply

    Whole is!

basher basher Reply

Yeah, the questions are a little… leading.

Bilbo Swaggens Reply

This guy is gonna burn Marcus Peters just like old times.

infinitewonder305 Reply

Who Dat Nation!

Ed C Reply

this my dude go beast mode on them

Brie_Dat1 Reply

Can’t Guard Mike!!!!
My boyyyyyyyyy!!!!😍😘😍😘

Enoch Zoldyck Reply

100 million baby!

Jalen WALKER Reply

Go saints

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