Michael Thomas Dominates w/ 182 Yds & 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Curtis 23

He’d be good on any team.

Hall of famer!

    Talen Kennedy

    Curtis 23 I agree

    Jake Taylor


Andrew Kyle

Now that’s the greatest receiver in the league right now


The Saints season is over they said .

    Dewitt McDidditt

    The Saints can’t win without Drew Brees they said.

    Connor Bergeron

    Teddy is trash they said

    micah smith

    Their only hope is to tread water until Brees comes back they said

Yo Yo

Teddy is perfect to lead the saints while Brees recovers


This Bucs defense is paying homage to their defense back in the day which wore the icicle orange jerseies which is not a good thing.


Michael Thomas shutting all the haters up about if he can be good without Drew brees

    J Stiles

    MT already did but haters can’t guard MT

Joshua William-Ajaero

Cant Gaurd Mike💪🏿


like= ur fav NFL team wins the superbowl

small youtuber btw🔥

    Dalton Moody

    KingBlaze shut it


    Imagine believing this and liking the redskins or dolphins.


    You tried

Alton Rodgers

Flies over the falcons 🤔you mean bucs 😂😂😂

Darius Abdullah

They said we was done 🤔 Stephen A Smith 🤦🏾‍♂️ Let’s go Saints. Getting better every week.


Hes gonna be a legend by time he retires. I just hope he stays with the saints 😅


    Silver Is The Name

    iiCritic and healthy


    @Silver Is The Name hopefully


    @iiCritic they did sign him for the next 5 years

    The InvictusSamaritan

    iiCritic at least he’ll be here for 6 more seasons, unless he requests a trade like every other player in the nfl today.

Hillary LeFrere Jr.

Mike T> Mike E

    Connor Bergeron

    No contest

Justin Williams

Michael Thomas is the best WR in the NFL

    Eshwar tangirala

    Nah but top 3

    Justin Williams

    @Eshwar tangirala who do you have above Michael Thomas then

    Connor Bergeron

    @Eshwar tangirala the only receiver I could possibly imagine putting above Thomas is Hopkins but after both receivers’ performances this week I give Thomas the #1 spot

    Nba Seann

    Justin Williams Julio and Dre Hop

    Justin Williams

    @Nba Seann Michael Thomas is definitely better then Julio Jones know.
    So far this year Michael Thomas has put up better stats then both Julio Jones and Hopkins. Michael Thomas has the best hands in the NFL. Catches 90% of passes thrown to him.
    Michael Thomas is putting up them stats with Teddy Bridgewater throwing to him. As soon as Drew Brees gets back from Injury then Michael Thomas is going to put even more stats and he is already leading the NFL in recieving yards. Hopkins dont even have the most Recieving yards own his own team, will Fuller has more recieving yards than Hopkins.
    Michael Thomas is the best WR in the NFL now

Philly Prince

The confidence Teddy has is impeccable with Brees out. Good on the brotha. 💪🏾

    Zakwan Pathan

    His confidence is building every week. Last week it was a lot of dink and dunks but today he was airing that ball out

Dolph Lundgren

Michael T is the BEST receiver in the NFL.

Tim Michael

Taysom has a cannon.

Rae’Quan Morgan

1:06 That Route 😱

ray ray

Michael Thomas is the future of the nfl so is courtland sutton no Cap



connor miller

Buckeye fan here, Michael Thomas is a stud and he’s the next great WR. Did it at OSU and now he’s doing it in the NFL.

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