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leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

Michael and Cooper top 5 WR duo .💯💯

    HeadHoncho Films

    Randall too

    RD2 4

    And against the leagues worst D

    DMVx J

    @RD2 4Did The Dolphins/Buccaneers Leave the NFL

    All Alone

    Sole not even top 10

    HeadHoncho Films

    RD2 4 hater

Yoboi Boy

Coop and Gallup will be the best receiver duo by the end of the season. Calling it now.

    Unbias Cowboy Fan

    Isaac Walker hell no you’re reaching hard, the only one is Aj green and he hasn’t been the same in 2years. Those other receivers aren’t even route runners. You have to really understand football to understand. Amari cooper can play any receiver position and can run any route on the route tree, that’s why he’s great.

    Unbias Cowboy Fan

    Isaac Walker now hopkins might be better I forgot about him but other then that, it’s not to many receivers out there that is as good as Amari cooper

    SBs Biscuit

    Im a cowboys fan and fuller and hopkins, ab and edelman, obj and jarvis landry, Thielen and diggs are all better duos

    Steven Mauras

    Over brown and Gordon with Edelman in the slot

maybach music group

Mg 13 🔥


I’m sure Steven A Smith is happy at the moment 😂😂😂😂😂.


Ty for blessing my fantasy team 🙏


Gallup = Beast


Cowboys going to have at least 2 pro bowl wr’s this year with Gallup and Cooper.


    3 with Cobb


    @samelmudir it’d be crazy if it happens, but Cobb looks hangry.

    Adam Wicks

    I just snagged Gallup on my waiver wire. I couldn’t be happier. Got Tj Hockenson also


    @Adam Wicks nice adds. Both players could have big years.

Diart Musliu

I can already see Skip Drip Bayless face tomorrow on Undisputed



Shane B.

Gallup, Cobb and Cooper 🔥🔥😳.


    Don’t put too much faith in Cobb. All he does is get injured.

    Jacob Murphy

    @LinkMaster64 he had a beast game tho lol

    Bradley Conard

    Tavon Austin isn’t bad as a 4rth either lol


I’m liking our whole Wr corps this year they’re some dawgs


    @Derrick Berry yeah and my favorite Tight end is back too we got solid pass catchers

    Derrick Berry

    @Grant Yeah, Add Jarwin, who is a Giant killer, then a 1, 2 punch with Zeke and Pollard. Defense front 7 along with a lock down corner, fast secondary, besides Heath. We should be in the Bowl this yr.


    @Derrick Berrybig Facts we don’t even have to get started on the defense we definitely should have at least our division on lock

    Derrick Berry

    @Grant Cowbooooys!

True Gooner

I loved Gallup’s tape from college and his 1st year in Dallas, he just needed to mesh with Dak, so I’m pretty excited that they look to be hitting their stride early in year 2. Gallup is a real cool dude as well, so happy he finally got his in a game.

Number 1

3 Headed Monster🔥 Coop, Cobb and Gallup.


As a rams fan, the cowboys are Super Bowl contenders…

    Greg Mac

    Lol overreaction Monday

    Robert Thomas

    @Greg Mac he said contenders

    John Smith

    no there not they will fall apart like normal its only week one almost the same as pre season. Cobb s hamstrings should kick in soon and other injuries will hit soon

    Tiarra B

    Appreciate the respect dude. We’ll see y’all in the post season


Cobb was really good too…and Cooper…this WR core is scary

Darrion Hale

That WR core is crazy Coop, Gallup, and Cobb are fire

Jose Garcia

Michael Gallup’s going to be our new Alvin Harper threat.


Gallup and Cooper are dangerous not to mention Cobb


It’s scary to see Dallas finally actually have a true receiving core of guys. They never had so many receivers who could beat you at several key spots since that one time Romo was throwing to miles austin, dez and laurent robinson. I wish Dez could have finally got this type of love throughout his career. Amari about to see several 1 on 1s

Clap ya hands everybody

Someone in my league dropped him and I scooped him so fast


They performed better than obj and jarvis landry and somehow amari cooper isnt in the top 7 reciever conversation. smh

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