Michael Gallup Talks About Growth With Quarterback Dak Prescott | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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toys unlimited [power to the next level] meh Reply

Gallop is key to how our receivers are covered.

    Baron Samedi3000 Reply


toys unlimited [power to the next level] meh Reply

Alvin Harper freed up the coverage.

    bigpoppa 1967 Reply

    Gallup potentially can be a rich man’s version of Harper.

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    bigpoppa 1967 or better who knows only his second year

    Eddie V Reply

    Yep. If gives Harper type of production were on our way back to greatness!

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Gallup straight up homosexual

Robert Bennett Reply

NOT just another WR! I expect he’ll have ANOTHER great year and he’ll be a force in his OWN right by the end of the year.
His growth has been impressive over the off season.

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Dak cant get him da ball but dont worry we will have tua to get him da ball with a real arm. Trading zeek for Tua.

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Gallup is very gay this man a fag

king b Reply

MG a bad man

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Hes gay once it comes out hes out da league hes gay for sure

WiperHunter Reply

Breakout year for this dude

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Dis dude is gay ray charles see it

Asmodeus Reply

Future legend MG13

Faced YouTube Reply

He has them vampire teeth

Gerald Beasley Reply

MG 13 silent night!

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Gallup is a homo wow

Frederick Veazey Reply

Dallas now have more play makers & game breakers than they have had in a very long time “Cobb, Gallup, Cooper, Pollard & Zeke when/if he rejoins the team”. All of these guys can run after the catch “YAC BABY! “. And plus that young big Tight End has shown he can get down the field for those over the middle passes. So all left to be said is WE READY!!!!!

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Zeek gone though an wont be missed

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