Mic’d Up with Mike Gesicki – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
gangster ninja



Rowe sorry af smh, get him off the camera

    flavio demoura

    rockafellagold So true 😂😂

David Cutaia

Love Mike, he’s gonna be something soon

    David Cutaia

    America Reigns Stop😂🤣 Mike has a lot of potential, he could be really good

    Shane Simpson

    He’s got good potential. It’s taken him longer to really get going than other guys. And he’s had a hard time keeping weight on. He will put it together and be a good player. Just needs to stay working overtime on that blocking.

    Dustin Klumpe

    @Shane Simpson why didnt Grier, whom you polyana duped fan’s have all this faith in draft somebody who didnt need to keep weight on, or take time to develop into a average player ar best?

    Shane Simpson

    Dustin Klumpe hmm. I don’t know that I have faith in Chris Grier to turn the franchise around like a miracle if I get your meaning. I think he is capable and has a blueprint better than most GM’s in the league. Has the backing of the owner. As to your comment about Gesicki in particular, he was taken in the second round. It’s impossible to account for every situation. He checked a lot of boxes. He has some things you can’t teach, and I don’t think anyone could have predicted he would have had such issues moving from Pennsylvania to South Florida. Every person is different. The heat affected him more than they anticipated. He was 240 in college, last year he struggled to stay 230. This year he compensated. There were a couple guys taken after him who have prospered in the league earlier than him. He was drafted on his ceiling, not his floor. He still has the potential to be a better player. You have setbacks in the draft. You can’t account for every scenario. I don’t think anyone thinks Chris Grier is Jesus. But so far his track record is promising and people are willing to accept moving backwards to finally move forward enough to be relevant. Does that answer your question? Why would you ask such a question on a very bad teams YouTube channel and a very obscure video, on a response to an even more irrelevant comment?

    Dustin Klumpe

    @Shane Simpson last year this team was winning before injures took their toll and they couldn’t compete anymore and the team folded. chris Grier should have been filling in the gaps and fortifying this team , not creating a talent vacuum that has baffling set us years back . every pick that we acquire now has to be used to fill a intentional void. Mabey we can use one of these picks to get a potentially good LT when we already had a great one. Chris Grier is going to make it so when you talk about the undefeated 72 team it will also be mentioned in the same breath how we went winless that one year because he embraced losing and did so by design. Its Shameful !!!!!! Chris Grier is a enemy of dolphin Republic and should be removed from the team’s facilities. And those “real fans” who embrace a culture of losing to support a GM who’s first draft is for the most part invisible remind me of the thoughtless , polyana people from that movie “independence day ” that went to the top of that building to welcome “our new friends ” and got blown to bits like the legacy of this team is under the leadership of chris Grier.

King Truth

Weak.. no energy

Ryan J.

Oh yeah….I forgot Gesicki was on the team. If this guy was on any other team he’d be a red zone machine. But nope, not on the Dolphins!

Mike Pelligrino

Another draft bust


    Mike Pelligrino you are very negative my guy.

flipity flop

Mikey g you gotta catch those balls bro

Ciaran Winstanley


Rich V

TE’s need to be involved a lot more. Period

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