Mic’d Up with Jerome Baker – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Keep fighting Baker!

Gaza Boi

Baker got way stronger and better in general

    Shane Simpson

    Gaza Boi right? He went from like a welterweight to a straight up heavyweight. 👀

    Gaza Boi

    @Shane Simpson lol naw he more like an average size now wait till next year he gone really be showing out like he did in pre season

America Reigns

Scrubs, losers and rejects.

no name

baker is the heart and soul of this team. no matter what he keeps pushing and stays positive. what a great leader he is amd a excellent football player. i hope miami holds on to him

Shane Simpson

We see you bro, keep up the fight 🐬


Win or lose. I’m a fan.


Damn that is holding on Biegel by the LT friggin refs never call it on them.

    Maher Justice

    Big time, and yes they hold most of every game but hardly ever call them. Other teams they call it every time, it’s such BS

Predator Productionz

I can’t wait for us to actually be good man🤦🏾‍♂️


    Predator Productionz you will have a long wait! They have to clean house and that means Grier and Flores!

    Predator Productionz

    @Shattered 👍🏾

Finfan 4 Finfan

Future pro bowler love ya baker

Andrew J

Team is a freaking disgrace

    Maher Justice

    Oh well deal with it. We’ll be back in competitive mode next season

Andrew J

Wearing Jackie Shipps old #

Dustin Klumpe

I love Baker . He has a Bryan cox style loyalty to the team…….chris Grier is failing him the way he’s failing all of dolphin nation.

    Dustin Klumpe

    @Hartbeat1555 not wrong. Wrong is voiding the team of talent to obtain draft picks for chris Grier who has drafted mabey 4 impact players at best.


    Wether or not those future picks are successful or failures remains to be seen. Grier hasn’t picked them yet. I’m one that didn’t like the Tunsil or Fitzpatrick trades….more of a bird in the hand type of guy myself.

    Maher Justice

    Wrong! He’s building the future. Minkah wanted to leave, plus what has minkah done exactly to be deemed good? He hasn’t impressed, tunsil was good but wasnt great and we received 2 1st rounders plus a 2nd rounder for him. What has this team done the past 20 years when signing big names? Absolutely nothing. So we’re starting from scratch, keeping few top talent like Howard, Baker, Wilkins, etc. and build around them. This should have been done a long time ago and now that Tannenbaum is no longer with the team Grier finally has the final say. This year sucks but it’s worth it for an awesome consistency in the future

    Roger Craig

    Dustin Klumpe This is Grier’s first year calling the shots at GM, Tannenbaum was calling the shot at GM before. Get your facts straight before you start to criticize someone.

Pete Martinez

Baker & McMillan let’s get it fins up

Diego Imbert

I look up to dis guy (great man)


biegel can rush i like that guy

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