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Most-MH-Hated Reply

🗣🗣 Ayyyyyeee!!!! YKTV 🤘🏾✝️✝️®️

Best mic’d up so far 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Vernon be fooln lmaoo‼

2ichie Reply

“no, im vernons favorite player!!” – literally everyone

Appalachian Liberty Reply

Vernon on Collins 👀 ..he smoked that boy! Caught him slippin. Vern is 🐐

Jacob duCellier Reply

He is the goat

Hillbilly QuadCopters Reply

I love this guys!! Class act and still Ballin

Andre Harrison Reply

The big homie from the block

    Raw Rell Reply

    Andre Harrison a real live goat

    Andre Harrison Reply

    I grew up with him. 3 year difference. Went to high school with him too. Been a monster for years. His lil brothers were too.


Welp Reed is concussed, let me get stretched out

Dominik Wilson Reply

That commentt to Kelvin about using his hands is actually funny. I remember watching his college film thinking he could have a problem because he body catches a lot, instead of hands. Funny seeing V coach him up on that, as I’m sure the receiver coaches are too. Also may be why he fell so far in the draft.

Joseph Ringling Reply

We’re so lucky to have him. The dude is the best back up TE in the game

Mike Lawry Reply

Vernon and AP I hope to age as well as them

CongoCash Tv Reply

We need a guice micd up

    spencer creech Reply

    CongoCash Tv yup

Booker Reply

Vernon Is such a great guy

It's Sean Reply

Vernons got lots of favorites

Morrell Crowell Reply

Good thing they kept you around. Reef stay injured.

Menzy Reply

built differently

AP93420 Reply

Getting old vernon.

Asian Ling Ling Reply

Why in madden Vernon Davis go down like 5 overalls after the first year

Bryan Seay Reply

Im ready to see him ball out this season!

Jaydee ATM Reply

“why you walking Vernon?!”
“My fault coach my fault”
OG leading by example 💪🏾💪🏾

eric boone Reply

He tell everybody they his favorite guy😂

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