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Central Coast Climber Reply

Such a waste of a first round pick…

Anthony Freeman Reply

Not a single tackle and he played over 30 tackles

jagsfanrick Reply

Don’t even have to watch this to see him get pushed around. He better get better fast.

Matthew Harris Reply

Taven out there about to die..

Malik Sy Reply

#90 have to step his game up, he was drafted at #1 to win the Super Bowl, Go GATORS

BaboRock Reply

Looks 20-30 pounds fatter. Nice Dedication.

Come here Coward Reply

“Same mf’s you played in college, only you get paid now” love that😂😂

dedmo301 Reply

You guys micing up Tanner Lee next?

    Collin Elson Reply

    *”Mics up Ryan Leaf today for Espn Analysts highlights and posts it to the Jags Channel”*

    dedmo301 Reply

    Might as well dig up Luke Joeckel’s audio while we’re at it

    Collin Elson Reply

    @dedmo301 The only person I can see that’s consistently impressed in camp and last game was Tyre Brady from Marshall.

Kenny Reply

Seems like a Bust. He better work on his craft. Or another wasted 1st round pick

LA Vont Reply

People it’s just preseason 🙄🙄

    Bass Mover Reply

    Rod Sessions yea people are getting to worked up

Seb Kennedy Reply

Thank god we have good edge rushers 😂

koba1873 Reply

Go gettem young man, agile hostile, never quit. Earn your place, this team needs you.

bobby mariani Reply


CamaroNation 5135 Reply

Looks like he’s never did a single push up in his life.

Get in the gym son

Brian Gilman Reply

What # pick did Tom waste on him ? Whoever thought bringing Tom Coughlin back for second round after what he did the first time (with all the salary cap issues) will never learn

Tushar Sondagar Reply

Smh I pray he doesn’t become a bust. He’s out there looking like Fred smoot. Doing nothing.

Juslike Mo804 Reply

Keep workin #90..you will get there bro…no doubt. JAGS.ALWAYS!

YoungGOAT1610 Reply

Bust in the makin

I3enson Reply

Have fun selling insurance or cars in a months time

Luke Niko Reply

He has a dope get off and good hands y’all hatin.

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