Mic’d Up Sights & Sounds: Week 6 win over the Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Parker Reply

Onto the Titans!

XxBlaze Rush Reply

Do the Steelers respond to the second comment because the first guy is too fast

DuhMitre Reply

so bummed we lost devin bush. hope it doesnt effect our D too much. Lets go steelers! Onto the Titans

    Ryan Leary Reply

    Wishing Bush a speedy recovery. Our depth guys at LB will step up, everyone on defense will step up. Looking forward to seeing UG3 & especially Marcus Allen, being that I’m a die hard Penn State fan along with the Steelers. UG3 & Allen had good camps according to Tomlin

    Tackle Henry at the legs, watch the Tannehill play action, I believe the defense momentum will carry over in Tennessee

    NOYFB FOAD Reply

    Spillane gots it covered in spades dude.

    NRG Reply

    It won’t. We are about to go all the way this year.

    Luke Reply

    Spillane is more than capable believe me

    William Weathersby Reply

    @Leeedy 1 Yes, while they will miss Bush, Bush wasn’t the complete dominating player Shazier was. So I really don’t think it will affect the Steelers as much as when we lose Shazier.

Safiyah Hamlet Reply

Love these!

Mel1 DaFilthyArtist Reply

I truly love this team. Win or lose. Stillergang BangBang

    TeenzToast 1863 Reply

    You can only love them and love how they play the game and the joy on their faces no matter what happens is the best thing in the world

    Delaware Steel Curtain Reply


    DonTae Jackson Reply

    Big facts

    joshuam12345 Reply

    Stiller? Lmao

    Mel1 DaFilthyArtist Reply

    @joshuam12345 You obviously don’t know. 💀 #BangBang @Stillergang

Joseph Perez Reply


dhiman76 Reply

we are going to go off on the titans GO PITTSBURGH

    Xavian Anderson Reply

    I hope so It’s crazy seeing my favorite team go 5-0 in my life time

    SteelersNation 1 Reply

    I wouldn’t be cocky Tennessee is a very tough football team.

Gabriel Aponte Reply

I hope the Steelers keep Watt for a long time!!

Michael Tewell Reply

Mike Hilton always at the beginning of these saying stay tuned 😂 hope we find a way to keep him around and I hope he’s healthy for this weeks matchup

    svns Reply

    Yup he’s one of my favorite players right now. Funny, quiet, underrated as hell. Such a great player.

    fmthebaron Reply

    @svns Sutton is incredible as well, the best cover corner on the team.

Michael Tewell Reply

Th defense will MISS bush A LOT! He did more than just the stats most fans pay attention to

    Vaea Tangitau Reply

    @NOYFB FOAD thank you. people don’t see that spillane was balling out and covering well for an entire half

    shane bowyer Reply

    He made alot of Important tackles already this year but I think spillane will step up hes not like devin but he can tackle

    Pink floyd 2000 Reply

    Will pouncey and mike hilton play on Sunday ?

    Richard Maruska Reply

    Word, but Spillane ain’t no joke. His gramps was a Heisman Trophy winning LB at Notre Dame. He’s not gonna have the leadership role that Bush had, but he can find gaps and HIT!
    “Show me a man who will jump out of an airplane, and I’ll show you a man who’ll fight.”
    – General James Gavin #AATW

    NOYFB FOAD Reply

    @Pink floyd 2000 Ask Moron Mike and he will use his blah blah blah and NOT tell us.

5 Star Matchup Reply

as always, fire! James had such an underrated game.

    shane bowyer Reply

    He was chewing it up

    Xavian Anderson Reply

    He’s a underrated wr always liked him

    5 Star Matchup Reply

    @Xavian Anderson I actually meant Conner but I totally agree on JW too! Guy just catches the ball and runs forward. No nonsense type player. Love him!

    Xavian Anderson Reply

    @5 Star Matchup facts he just does what he needs to he’s also clutch af sometimes

the REALIST Reply

Hopefully Robert Spillane steps up and plays well in Bush’s place

    Komainu Reply

    Only a half but he did himself proud in this game.

    Dom Reply

    @Komainu Got a bigger game this sunday, i hope he shows out

Askia Anderson Reply


    candel 1234 Reply

    Lets goo

WP SN Reply

Ben is playing the SMARTEST quarterback play of his career. He’s playing mistake-free-football, 11 TD’s to just 1 turnover of ANY type, career high passer rating, and not taking foolish risks. It might not be flashy play this year from Ben, but it’s exactly how a smart QB should play when he’s got a strong D and solid RB. Keep doing your thing Ben. We see you and we know you got the right strategy this year! GO STEELERS!

    Shon Seibert Reply

    Slow n steady…….I’ll take it over flashy

Mark Brophy Reply

I’d like to see Mike Tomlin and his coaching staff get some credit, but can we do that? I mean the QB is Bill Cowher’s player!!!!!!

    Play Dough Reply

    But that defense isn’t!

    d mitchell Reply

    Cowher coached him 3 yrs, Tomlin has 14 seasons with him, that’s his QB

    Afr0 Plays Reply


    Mark Brophy Reply

    Obviously, it’s sarcasm and my attempt to slam all of the Tomlin haters out there that don’t give him credit and claim “he won the super bowl with Cowher’s players”!!!

forgiato Telly Reply

Nobody :
Eric Ebron : *we share lockers can you believe that 😁*

michael espinoza Reply

This one was for myles LOL

Carlos C Reply

chase claypool is something special.

Roland Bow Reply

Im a seattle fan but for no particular reason i love the steelers

    Gabe McCane Reply

    That’s funny cuz I’m a steeler fan but have a secret crush on the Seahawks lol

    forgiato Telly Reply

    Welcome to PIT 🖤💛

    Roland Bow Reply

    @forgiato Telly ill always be a seattle fan but i just like the steelers kinda funny because the way both the teams playing we might face against each other in the sb

NRG Reply

You know if Ben is making jokes about Tony romo, it’s gonna be a special year 😍🖤💛 Steelers nation we going to get 7!

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