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First Steeler nation

Angela Youngblood

Go Steelers

Young Lui

Love my team no matter what

Yul Fagalar

Looking forward to next year here we go Steelers . #7

Sumswag Gaming

now that the ravens been exposed, lets make it happen this next season! HERE WE GO! STEELERS NATION ALL DAY.

    Damon Gibson

    It’s not like the Titans figured him out. He still has 138 yards rushing last night. We got a chance. As long as we have a QB we can contend with our current core.

    Kyle Tran

    Damon Gibson most of his yards were in garbage time tho. The game was already over, they titans were just playing conservative to ensure they wasted time.

    Jericho Williams

    @Damon Gibson garbage time yards bro

    Damon Gibson

    Kyle Tran and Jericho Williams he still had like 60 yards before garbage time.

Fronz Jr

We look at this season as bad. What we really did was learned to deal with injuries and young players had to learn . It was actually a success

Guillermo Ruelas

It’s always next year now with this team its time to clean house


    Guillermo Ruelas dumbass


    Only offensive coordinator mans dumb but he’s Ben buddy

Damon Gibson

So no love for Jalen Samuels. That’s sad

    Legendary Studio

    Ikr no love for the tight ends too

    Damon Gibson

    Legendary Studio well the Tight ends didn’t have that many great moments this season. Our tight ends had 3 tds and all three belonged to Vance

    Michael Jackson

    Because he didn’t have a good season honestly

    Damon Gibson

    Michael Jackson because we didn’t have a really good QB. Mason was the best QB this season that we had. That is trash


If the offense can be 3/4ths as good as the defense was this year (and hopefully next year)………HERE WE GO!!!!!!!

Randy Farley

Well about 6-7 months we will start a new season. I hope that we can get back to be feared in the NFL, once again. STEELERS ALL THE WAY))))

Anthony C.

I did the math:we lost (excluding the New England game, ) by an average of 8 points. We had a better season than it looked like. Injuries killed us. We just need to finish games. And establish a running game. And use the tight ends more

Brick Fresh

We could’ve been so dangerous if we had an offense 😞

    Junior Z

    I’d still stick with Rudolph as starting qb

Paul Patrulescu

Love my Steelers but it’s been a decade since they last won anything. D looks good full of young talented players that will only get better. O had problems this year but we saw that #2 and #6 aren’t starters in this league. Big Ben was missed this year …

Marcos Cabezola jr.

We will grow from this year
next year we will go to the playoffs and this time with a Defense! #HereWeGo💪🏽💛🖤💛🖤

Marathon Mogul_

Steelers just need a QB to step up and get this next Lombardi , I hope it’s Big Benzo 💪 🙏 it’s only right tbh , and with 13, 18, 19 out there making plays and with this solid elite defense that’s in the making they should be rolling hot in 2020🔥


….whatchin this instead of a Game for next few Sundays is like Methadone….gives ya that lil fix, that lil kick….but it aint the real thing MMAAaaaannnnnnn. d;^J

Anthony Rodi

It’s coming together pepper and leon is getting larger!! 2020 time to hoist!!!!

a b

If Connor and Ben stay healthy next year we get a SB appearance.

a b

Congrats to Coach Cowher. I wasn’t really old enough to see any of his games, but I know he was great.


With this defense and Ben coming back fully healthy 🤞🏾 we have a high chance of making it to the Super Bowl I can kinda see us like the Broncos with Manning his last year but Ben player a little better

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