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When you are so early the title didn’t load in

Neal M

Why do I feel like i watched this a week ago?


Damn, even skins YouTube team taking an L for re-uploading the same video from last week.

Anthony George II

I wish Greg Manusky was fired. After he’s done messing up our defense for 2019 maybe they will get rid of him.

Buddy Barlow

On another note..JIMMY MORELAND IS A DOG!

    Leon Florence

    He aight. It’s just preseason but looks promising

Johndoe Rodriguez

Gonna miss you Collins #GiantsFan


Bruh looks jacked!!

Monkey D. Zoro

*TOOOOO MANY* Names with with talent and potential to not have a top 5 Defense

    Kavorious Crittenden

    Bengi this guy is high asf they had good defense last season b4 the injuries n they just added Collins btw this comin from a Eagles fan

    travis bolton

    Norman, Dix and Collins

    Nash Scheber

    Collins isnt good in coverage

    Monkey D. Zoro

    Nash Scheber …..You don’t know your film buddy, theirs a reason they refer to him as a BOX SAFETY.

    Nash Scheber

    @Monkey D. Zoro lol he is terrible in coverage you cant change my mind about it he was terrible for the giants


To bad nyg got a better safety and he cant block/cover and peppers can LMAO it’s funny how yall think his good

    robert bogert

    @Golden child 600 so Odell isn’t good? Cause he got traded too numbnuts

    Robert Kilger III

    john kennedy giants aren’t the worst lmao definitely the fins

    ThatOneGuy 123

    john kennedy don’t you dare make me bring up our teams’ past, present, and future. You DO NOT want this fight, boy. You are a Foreskins fan. You have no right to talk about anything. Again, don’t make me drop some fcking truth bombs.

    Nash Scheber

    Redskins are so bad the players dont even want to be on the team anymore 😂

    Robert Kilger III

    Nash Scheber lmao faxxx


Drc+lc love that duo on the giants ! Goodluck with the redskins.

Pusha B

Landon and DRC will always be Giants

    Bishop Shakur

    Must be a salty giants fan.

    Corey Stenson

    As a former madden player, ill always remember drc as a cardinal. Best corner ever in madden, if you didnt press

    Nash Scheber

    Landon Can Stay In Bumskins but drc my guy

Anthony Harris

New Orleans breed killas‼️💯😤

Wilson Yonan

he said “they call us DB’s for a reason. Lets get some hands on Deez Balls, pause.” lmaooooo


    I thought that’s what he said lmao

    Willie Taggart

    Bro I upvoted your comment before I even heard him say it lmaoo

Tee M

R.i.p Sean Taylor ….gone but not forgotten ..salute to a football legend imo

    Willie Taggart

    Tee M I’ll definitely give you that Tebow was a better leader. He’s the type of teammate you’d want to run through a brick wall for. Winston very similar in that regard.

    And as far as playing styles go, Tebow definitely stronger and a better runner for tough yards but Ward was so fast and elusive. He was the Russell Wilson/Kyler Murray of his day. Dude was way ahead of his time in that regard. I think if he played now he would easily be a first round pick.

    And for a college offense it would be tough to pick. They were both on stacked teams (Percy Harvin, Aaron Hernandez, Warrick Dunn, etc) but as far as just being able to play the position Ward was better imo because like you said he was a better passer. Tebow thrives in that spread open offense but he would struggle in the pro style that Ward played in whereas Ward would do good in both.

    Who’s your top 3 CFB players?

    Tee M

    @Willie Taggart in my opinion and I know people will disagree ….Tim tebow ….Ricky Williams …Herschel walker …Warren Sapp was a monster too

    Tee M

    @Willie Taggart you cant forget about Adrian Peterson ..Reggie bush …Jerry rice …Ronnie lott…Peter warrick your boy …I mean it’s hard but if I had to assemble a squad and had 3 picks I’m taking those 2 running backs and tebow ..my run game would be unstoppable

    Tee M

    @Willie Taggart damn I can’t stop replying lmao ya notifications probably going crazy 😂😂…..now I was born in 86 so the best I seen with my own eyes since I only heard and saw highlights of walker are …tebow..Williams .bush …bush had one helluva NCAA career

Texan Football Houston

One of the best in the game at safety

Jeremiah Martin

It’s official redskins gone be trash again this year

Ian Huyett

Jabrill is better.

Nate Brandl

Fire your owner and your golden Washington

harold osbey

Love to see a team get ready for a September 8 beat down… 🤣😂🤣#flyeaglesfly

    Denis Fuentes

    harold osbey how miserable deos your life have to be to come to our youtube page and comment that 💀

    John Stone

    Just wait until Wentz gets hit from behind and his back is shattered and he will not play this season anymore. Eagles are garbage!

    anthony mcgruder

    We’ll see

Tevin Landry

Landon Collins is a beast, but I’m glad he’s not wearing Sean Taylor’s 21 jersey. It deserves to be retired.

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