Mic’d Up: Justin Simmons vs. the Chargers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Captin Drawma

That defense played like thanos was they coach vic fangio probally said imma get thanos to snap yall if you lose

Gavin Taylor


    Steven Soco

    Gavin Taylor more like 5-11 lol

    Justin Kanicki

    Don’t even matter…once we get healthy and add 1 or 2 pieces ….ITS OVER

    Cliff Hanger

    That sounds good

Cheesy Poof Man

Kyle Shanahan will win coach of the year.




Simmons says keep pounding lol. Reminded me of super bowl 50


Keep Simmons and cut Yiadom 🔥

    MarioYT -Games

    @Cubecraft Banned lmao

    Jerome Schulze

    @Broncos0027 he is trash!!

    Steven Soco

    Opethian bench Yiadom, but he still can play teams and who knows, he might learn to cover …



Jerome Schulze

He sucks.. Gets a pick and jogs .. And fumbles the ball

    Cliff Hanger

    He’s a good player

Jerome Schulze

Y’all see miller not in with the croud.. Not celibrating ..tells he wants out..

    Nathan Sherman

    Why would he be hanging around the DBs? He’s got a rookie playing opposite of him, he was most likely coaching up Reed and watching the film to find better ways to beat the Charger’s tackles.

    GSG x Dee

    U think the guy who did the pregame speech wants out

    JC Brunz

    One thing’s for sure. His presence on the field isn’t worth the amount he’s getting paid. Being able to impose his will and that difference making ability he showed in the SB has been completely MIA since the first few games after the SB. If he isn’t traded, he needs to take a pay cut unless he really turns it around this year. I mean let’s face it. The whole thing isn’t unprecedented cause he’s getting up there in age now that he’s on the wrong side of 30. Tell me this, when has von had a good game since the superbowl? I mean, Ill forever give him props for showing up when it mattered the most but that’s all in the past now, I think its time to move on at this point.

joseph urban

Defense stepped up

DJ Annoyed Gaming

Please tell me he’s exempt from that trade block

    Max Power

    Of course he is lol. Vic and Donatell love him


love to see this team chemistry building

Max Power

Simmons is ROUTINELY spotted right at the sidelines when the offense is making a play, cheering his guys on. He’s not just doing it for show. This guy is team first ALL the way, and needs to be signed to an extension already.


    Yeah but his play had been inconsistent, I do hope they keep him tho.

Cliff Hanger

Good to hear good vibes

Keep the musical momentum going.

That Guy Donny

I knew he’d have a big game sooner or later, love the way he’s been playing!

Kirk Moore

You better not choke
You better not cry
You better not whine
I’m telling you why!
Steeler Nation is coming to town!
They know when you are losing
They know when you are weak
They know when you are snoozing,
They know your playoff chances are bleak!
So be awfully bad again for goodness sake!
Home field is a funny joke
LA will still go ahead and choke!

Drea D'lux

Dawson saves the day

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