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Adam Reply

Rob’s gut is unreal lol No clue how dudes get around like that

    Joseph Ringling Reply

    Lol. Hey leave us big gut guys alone.

    Mike Lawry Reply

    Uh when you rich you can drink all the beer you want

    Jonathan Hairston Reply

    @Joseph Ringling LMFAO 😂 🤣😂

Derek Mann Reply

Sweat next to Moreland is absolutely hilarious. What a massive dude.

pharaohosam Reply

This Mic’d Up sounds exactly how Greg Manusky’s career as a defensive coordinator has gone.

Dominik Wilson Reply


    Most-MH-Hated Reply


David Kim Reply

What a character

iplAymInEcRafTxd Reply


Most-MH-Hated Reply

*B4 the view* 🗣🗣Ayyyyeeee! This fire 🔥🔥🔥 I know this mic’d up gon be litty! 🤘🏾✝️✝️®️ LOVE MY SQUAD 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 YKTV!!!

Nick Reply

I wanted to hear Montez’s answer 🙁

Brian Francis Reply

Is Rob Ryan 8 months pregnant? Dam

Adrian Fernandez Reply

Please fire him… he sounds clueless

    Mar Mac Reply

    Adrian Fernandez it all makes sense now.

Neal M Reply

Coach Rob Ryan – “I already watered up.”
Translation – “I drank a bottle of whiskey in the locker room before coming out.”

I kid. I think he is going to be a good coach for us this year.

thunderchiefj Jay Reply

If Ryan doesn’t drop the weight fast, he will die of a heart attack very soon. He is morbidly obese.

Jake Flemming Reply

We gotta mic him up more often

gerald d Reply

So,twice he says he doesn’t want to hear Jay? Issues?

James Allen Reply

I can’t help but smile and laugh every time I see Rob Ryan, hope this defense balls out this year

Josh Zen Reply

Where are the press conferences?????

Hoder Harris Reply

This guy is clueless, therefore the perfect Redskins hire,brilliant.

LifeIsGood Reply

dropped joe barry and promoted this guy manusky…gruden cant call plays or pick the right staff..

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