Mic’d Up: De’Vondre Campbell – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mic’d Up: De’Vondre Campbell

Linebacker De'Vondre Campbell was mic'd up for week 3 against the Indianapolis Colts.

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A 22 Reply

Am I the only fan who just hasn’t been that impressed by Campbell over the best few years?

    Cody Paul Reply

    @A 22, Nah you’re not the only one. This guy is a Major liability on defense especially in the passing game and hasn’t really shown any improvement and if you go back and look at the game from yesterday he got beat on several plays and didn’t make any big plays either. This is his last year in Atlanta.

    Cards with Chris! Reply

    What gets people is how good he can come out in year 1 and 2, but since then, it’s been stagnant. He’s average at best.

    WatchEmFly Reply

    De’Vondre is a tackling machine, but he does leave some to be desired in coverage.

Drum Corps Central Reply

Ever since the third quarter of the super bowl it’s been tough being a falcons fan. We have moments but we can’t put it all together. To be a great team you can’t have inconsistent games. That’s why you see KC step up and beat teams that challenge them like the Ravens. I pray that we get some momentum from beating the titans this week.

    WatchEmFly Reply

    I just hope that we can beat the Titans. They have the same record as us, we can’t overlook them or pass them off as a W just because we’re at home and they looked bad on a short week against the Jaguars. They did go into Cleveland and crush the Browns. And not to mention that we are complete crap against AFC opponents.

Country Boi Ross Reply

This dude was getting ate up the entire game!!! Coverage skills suck!! But that what you get when you draft a linebacker from university of Minnesota 🤦🏿‍♂️

    Atlfan556 Reply

    Hes having a poor year even his run d took a step back homie looks blind as a bat not containing rbs cutback or stretch plays to tbe outside

julius jones Reply

Fire Dan Quinn

    softcaramel53 jab Reply

    No !!

    theglitchez 14 Reply

    Aren’t u the troll who posted 28-3 on all of our videos before the season began?

Muhiddini Abdi Reply

This guy is garbage

jaymogul25 Reply

I hate to say it cause I like the guy but likes dont win championships, he’s the weakest thing in our secondary besides Ishmael and Oliver who gets a slight pass. Him and Ishmael should be cut.

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