Mic’d Up: Chris Harris Jr. vs. the Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bronco Nation Reply

We have to win next week.

    Josef Luetschwager Reply

    If you guys want the playoffs yea

    J T Reply

    No chance at playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them loose this week to.

    Josef Luetschwager Reply

    @J T you can’t really say that until later in the season

    J T Reply

    @Josef Luetschwager Ok, I’m 99.9999 percent certain. This roster has too many holes that Elway didn’t address

    Ronney Augustine Reply

    @J T we might not be good right now but we’re definitely not as bad as thw jags. Not to mention we’re playing in one of the toughest schedules this season. We’ll be 1-3.

Mattcuz11 Reply

He had devonte Adams on lockdown

    Josef Luetschwager Reply

    Yea he did a good job

Josef Luetschwager Reply

Flacco and the recivers need to start getting something going it just can’t be Lindsay!

Flippant Booch Reply

What a beast

Tim H Reply

Didn’t show the clip where he got burnt by one of their receivers?…

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