Mic’d Up: Bradley Chubb vs. the Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Max Power Reply

Maybe we’ll find out why his went missing after watching this….

Jack McCandless Reply

Don’t know why you’d mic something quiet.

Tomas Lujan Reply

That’s was the sadest mic up of all time

    Juice Reply

    Literally what I was about to say lol.

    Jesse Robison Reply

    They had to cut most of it from all the bad play

    TheHabsFan77 Reply

    Why they even bothered putting that up is beyond me.

billny thehighestguy Reply

Stop celebrating a game we lost to the freaking raiders. Was sad and noone wants to be reminded of it.

Tim H Reply

Chubb: ‘Let’s go’ – if only they did!

QuagHower Reply

If miller and Chubb don’t have 2 sacks against the bears im going to be pissed

    Flippant Booch Reply

    QuagHower 2 sacks each

Mikecycle Reply

Worst micd up I’ve ever seen in my life. Theres still time to delete this

Jay S Reply

What was he saying? Oh poor, pitiful me?

thatwaseasy Reply

Worst mic’d up 👎🏻

Clyde Triplett Reply

Rolling Thunder Defense Bang Bang Juice

M 4D Reply

He should be saying holy s*** we’re getting our asses kicked. I ain’t done nothing all game.

cortezinco Reply

All that hype psh!!

ray ray Reply

When we beat the bears because bears try to much long ball holding plays I want you guys to say damn I fill stupid for judging von and chubb

Dave Reply


Mr. Bondhus2You Reply

They could only muster a minute and a half of content? Could’ve sworn the d was on the field for about 58 minutes that game


Damn 🤣

the W2W RE-View Reply

This video was……Luke warm water at best. Room temperature beer on a hot day…..not sure the point. A batted pass as a highlight. Hmmmmmm

ceidy perez Reply

Raiders smahed

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