Mic’d Up: Best of Julian Edelman – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Blitz for six Productions

Dolphins Bills jets all bums @ patriots are the best

    Bell Iron Fist

    I agree

sandesh saru

“go ahead you big .. … ogre”

The Goat

“You’re too old!” Brady just bobbin his head lol

    John Doe

    Classic lmao

    Lavicrep Ris



2:31 “I’m vegan” 😂


“My therapist yells at me”

Gerardo Rodriguez

Gotta believe #7 is coming up!!!! Let’s Go!!!!


You missed the best one:

“Gotta keep the gas on ’em boys! …I don’t even know what I just said”

    Zair Morningstar

    That’s what I was waiting for lmfao

Rusty Gunn 7

Julian “Gotta Believe” Incredelman !!! Yeah baby !!!
Revvin’ For Seven !!!

Randy Rawding

Edelman: It’s not OVER! Garoppolo: (looks at scoreboard) Shut up!

    Zair Morningstar


    Zair Morningstar

    I thought that’s what he said lmfao

Dark Limeking

Best player in the league to be mic’d up

M Dac

My favorite Edelman comment was from the 2107 season. During one of the first plays of the game, some DB mouths off to him by sayings ” I’m gonna be here all day.” Edelman responds with something like ” If you have to say it, it means you won’t be.” On the next play, he torches the guy. Maybe someone remembers the details a bit better. Believe it was in an early playoff game.

    Cart Man

    M Dac I think the other player says “I’m here baby” then Jules responds “the fact that you have to say it means you’re not”

    M Dac

    @Cart Man Thank you Cart Man. You nailed it.

    Luke R.

    That was against Pittsburgh in the 2016 AFC Championship game.

Megan Brown

Where is the “Wide left…wide right!”
During the Superbowl vs the rams

Milos Ilic

Jules, no words needed… just thank you man!

Vash Starwind

My favorite WR ever. I have some big favorites, buut……… Julian Edelman is a beast. He’s so tough. He’s brilliant. You’re not old brother. Love life, take care of yourself, and be at supreme happiness! Big Thunder-Clappin High 5’s up top that just don’t stop! 🤚⚡ “They can’t cover me!”

Nick18 M

Jules is my favorite besides Brady Michel and van noy

Charlie Kokinidis

Who was the fool that voted down this video. My suspect is probably a DB that Julian torched!!!

Jeff Araujo

What a player. I’m Soo glad bill signed him for another two years and gave him what he deserves. I’m gonna buy a jersey and try to get it signed. He’s in my top five Patriot players of all time

Ty Dolla

“haha i love get hits” vs seahawks in the superbowl was lit

Roger Rodd

In the most non-Homo way possible, I love this man. He is an inspiration to me every day.

Christ Harding

that funny voice crack at 1:39😂😂

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