Mic’d Up at Training Camp Week One | Miami Dolphins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mic’d Up at Training Camp Week One | Miami Dolphins

Bobby McCain, Mike Gesicki, Shaq Lawson and Jerome Baker are mic'd up for training camp, presented by Baptist Health South Florida.


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Ricardo Masvidal Reply

Lets Go Dolphins! I have a good feeling about this year and the future

    Chuck Hill Reply

    Yes we do

    alloneword154 Reply

    You haven’t been a fan for to long probably

    Da’mani The Goat Reply

    alloneword154 ah we would be good this year

    Da’mani The Goat Reply

    alloneword154 you probably some cheatriots fan y’all suck

Ryan J. Reply

Cool to see Bobby McCain coaching up Igbinoghene. Rookies need that veteran presence. 👍👍

    Scott Jackson Reply

    It seems like Bobby McCain has a high football IQ!!

Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil Reply

Big Money Bobby! Fins up #28 & #55 about to have big year 305 stand up!

Daniel Vazquez Reply

“Oh my god we have to lift. Ugh, Durham we have to lift” 😓😫😂🤣🤣

    Scott Jackson Reply

    Giseki needs all the lifting he can get!!!

    Daniel Vazquez Reply

    @Scott Jackson Agreed, but after baking in that heat, the last thing you want to do is lift weights lol

    Scott Jackson Reply

    @Daniel Vazquez i hear ya but i could try for 1 mill per year!

Donald Young Reply

I like that tutoring by the vets to the youngsters. This is how this team will grow…Phins up!

Blac Boi Reply

Mic’d Up got me hyped up. 305 stand up

Daniel Ashford Reply

🐬 *Fins Up!* 💪

Tha Don Reply

I love our new culture.💯

DrewBoo Reply

That was awesome!!! Love my team!!!

KenSo Fuego Reply

That Florida heat aint no joke

Omnis Reply

Hey Siri, Define: going through the motions

Deyvion Fontenot Reply

I ain’t got no gloves……….. looks around …… dam I need sum gloves😂😂

Eric Valladares Reply

This video giving me great feelings about this season

I am batman Reply

Jerome telling van noy he 30 had me dieing

alloneword154 Reply

God I miss high school football.

    Da’mani The Goat Reply

    alloneword154 god make this guy shut up

ReeperFire Reply

Man I love the Dolphins #FinsUp

Avian Nilla Reply

Gesicki and Baker are the clowns of the team for sure😂😂

Matthew R Reply

We need the uncut version.

Angel Tomlinson Reply

Just a reminder Mike may not have given us the content we want but he gave us the content we need

pedro garcia Reply

Jerome had me dead the whole time 😭

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