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Greg Van Gaasbeek

Bouye had some good tackles👍


Fun fact…jaguars defense isnt great….hasnt been great in a minute.

    Ava Van Pelt

    I blame Scheme and Wash. Have been since the front office butchered what was a good defense…


    We got rid of Tashaun Gipson and Malik Jackson to sign Nick Foles, who got hurt the first game. We don’t have Telvin Smith, and Jalen Ramsey asked for a trade and hasn’t suited up since the Tennessee game…. we haven’t been as good THIS year, the last two prior, we were elite. The front office did this; I’m betting on Marrone getting fired if we miss the playoffs again, Coughlin too possibly.

Antotalks yeet

we got robbed on the last Chris Conley play when the refs missed a total pass interference call that the defender practically hub Chris Connelly on at the very end and Chris Conley caught the ball but he was out of bounds, that would have given us the ball at the 2-yard line

Juslike Mo804

….#21 keep holdin it down! JAGS.ALWAYS!

Gavin Knight Jackson

Bouye gotta pick up his game, his first year with us he was the highest ranked in the league . And now he’s been okay . But leaving too many plays on the field


    Hate to say that, but he did drop off. AJ didn’t give up a touchdown until the second round of the playoffs in 2017-2018.


    he’s was undrafted…he’s not as good as his 2017 season but he can still be good just not elite in my opinion, he’s been better this year I think, he doin fine just not elite like everyone expects, his 2017 year was flukey, he’s not elite or an all pro but he definitely can be good

Greg Van Gaasbeek

Jaguars don’t blitz LBs, yet kept getting beat on the quick slant.

ThatDude Evan

Let’s be great next week. Go jags

Seb Kennedy

0:17 poor Wingard 😂

allan oteyza

21 savage!!

Scotty OTH

Finally a real Mic’d up episode! Someone’s listening !!


Let’s go Jags, let’s be better next week. Gardner needs to hold onto the football better.

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