Micah Parsons Arrives in Texas | Dallas Cowboys 2021 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Micah Parsons Arrives in Texas | Dallas Cowboys 2021

"The best 24 hours of my life…"
#DallasCowboys | #EarnTheStar

#DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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wendi Venable

I really like this pick and I think he will give his all.

    2%_ Charles

    same but i hope he doesn’t have off field issues

    wendi Venable

    @2%_ Charles I’m just glad his issues weren’t drug related….don’t wanna go down that road again. I really think fatherhood will help his maturity.

    2%_ Charles

    @wendi Venable true

Javier Olvera

Welcome to the triple DDD lets goo


Welcome to Dallas. I expect BIG things from you. Go get that ring. LET’S GOOOOO!!!!! πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

    Carlos Diaz

    Dont speak like that..that’s how our season goes to the shitter and why people hate us! Please slow your roll

    Texas Rangers Super Fan

    I want them to win but theres good teams but I feel like we can go to play offs with the people we got

Alicia Havard

Awesome young man . Can’t wait to see him ball…

    I'm always Banned

    Really ? He was suspended for yelling school shooter in the lunch room. Then suspended again for pulling school fire alarms and then in trouble again for taking rookie hazing too far. I think he need to mature to be a good leader .. those are nothing big but show immaturity I think anyway

    An Average Doge

    @I’m always Banned for one, kids are kids. For two, he’s an adult with a child now, and for three where the hell did you get that information from

    Autis Hick

    @I’m always Banned yelling school shooter in a lunchroom is based and funny.

David Parkes

He’s not my first pick but I think I’m coming round to him as the pick.

Vickie Keeton

Welcome to Cowboys Nation our big family. πŸˆπŸ’―


I like I like let’s goooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Blanco

Finally we get someone who isn’t gonna let someone walk all over them and will actually bring some intensity to this soft defense

    Armando Clark

    U ain’t lying bro …rs

    Stephen Martinez


    Unsane Games

    Yeah there back to a 3-4 defense now and i think there problem was Mike nolan.

Micah Williams

Checkn in from steelton pa!
I no for a fact this kids dad has been a die hard cowboys fan for as long as I can remember! Congratulations to Micah parsons and his family!

Curtis Samuel

He’s a great pick-up!!!! Remember he has great coaching staff around him. He’s going to be a beast!!!


Welcome to big D(efense).

Heather Perrelli

He’s from Harrisburg, Pa so he had to have that edge his whole life πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

N/G Espinoza

great pick πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘#cowboynation

Jonathan Y

Micah Parsons welcome to America’s Team The DALLAS COWBOYS. #DC4L

Fake News Police


    Peter Garcia

    Once again the E-gals fumbled the snap. Go Cowboys!!!

Derek Bowman

Congrats king #717beast … blessings to him and his family….hbg, we breed athletes too..

Jay Calletta

What he said about his mindset stood out to me … thats a great mindset Parsons πŸ‘!

Alondra Espinoza

Welcome to Big D Micah can’t wait to see you on the field


Welcome to Dallas brother can’t wait to see neal smith and parsons lurking bad day for any offense


That kid that’s being held by Jerry is gona be memorable for them in the future

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