Miami Dolphins vs. Dallas Cowboys Week 3 Game Preivew – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Timothy Goodwyn Reply

Dallas bout to slap the Dolphins around Sunday and go to 3-0 this won’t even be a fair one

    Jerry Junior Reply

    We OWN the Dolphins too 😁

AlisaBosconovich Reply

Cowboys 52
Lolphins 10


    Lophins 😂

    Bill Reply

    Cowboys never score 50 points. 40 maybe….

Escocivo 30 Reply

Close game

Dolphins 3

Cowboys 52

    Jordan Reply

    Dak 4 lmao

    Johnny memetown Reply

    It won’t be that close, smh dolphins fans

    Meteor Smash Reply

    You’re being a bit too optimistic on the Dolphins buddy.

    Josh Mickelson Reply

    As the lone dolphins fan remaining, I would just like to say that expecting anything out of this team is asking too much. At this rate we’re gonna March out 11 guys to play both sides of the ball and call it a day

    Bill Reply

    Nah the cowboys never score 50+ points. 40 maybe…

Doc Brown Reply

Dolphins 10
Cowboys 33

    Awesomedude Reply

    yo,yo,yo ur getting too close buddy.

    TreyJames 19 Reply

    I like this comment because you are trying to be nice to the Dolphins even though we all know the dolphins are trash

Bigg B Reply

I feel so bad for the dolphins probably won’t even watch the game

    Jordan Dillard Reply

    Bigg B my brother is a dolphins fan, paid for tickets, && now he’s saying he’s not going!😂

Jose Mendez Reply

Fish sticks anyone? GO COWBOYS

UngarToTheMax Reply

Cowboys 54 Dolphins 3

Duzer Reply

Cowboys 52 Dolphins 7

Run It up Reply

42 – 7 cowboys win this one easy

Matthew Shortle Reply

Cowboys 120
Dolphins 0

    Cruisin' Cowboys Reply

    First team to score over 100 points lmao.

    Mark Cook Reply

    Sounds about right

    Anime Unknown Phantom Reply


Mike Pelligrino Reply

Can the Fins just forfeit?

Koy Reply

PLEASE don’t underestimate this game Dallas. I don’t want us to go through what the Vikings experienced last year against the Bills.

    J Breezy Reply


    Sebastian Graham Reply

    Koy the sheer thought of us losing just makes me shutter. Yep no thanks

    TreyJames 19 Reply

    That Vikings loss to the bills wasn’t as embarrassing as you think. Buffalo had a good young roster when they beat Minnesota.

Arty Munoz Reply

This reminds me of Daks rookie season when we played the browns and i didn’t even watch the whole game cause I knew it was over a month before it happened

Arty Munoz Reply

Honestly if the dolphins score. I’m going to be worried considering they got blown out twice

Ultronlize Reply

I will do something stupid if da cowboys lose to da oofphins (reply da dare)
Score: 3-56
Cowboys with da winnnn


Lol had to play the Ravens, Patriots and now Cowboys all undefeated teams at the moment, they just cant get a break

Cowboys: 51 Dolphins: 7

    Bill Reply

    S CLASS well the cowboys opponent’s combined record is 0-6 for the first 3 weeks

phantom 7 cross rose Reply

nah, there just trying to get #1 pick but I think the caints gonna get it

Stan ezen Reply

Dolphins have scored 10 points in 2 weeks and have allowed 102. Lol. My take?:


Kerry Thompson Reply

cowboys 48 and Miami Dolphins 7, Final score 🤣🤣🤣

Caden Reply

calling with a nice score of 69 to 0 (cowboys)

    The sarcastic motherfluffer Reply


    Bill Reply

    The sarcastic motherfluffer you think they’ll kick 2 FGs?

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