Miami Dolphins QB Josh Rosen Meets With the Media | Training Camp | August 25, 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Richard Hampton Reply

Love this guy. Hope he gets the start

    Dolphin Zone Reply

    Please no Fitzpatrick and Tua are better

    Richard Arroyo Reply

    @Dolphin Zone this guy has the tools to get it done futz soon to bee a coach Tua yet to take a snap lets hope they all do well for the team sake

    BIGBOY8D Reply

    Dolphin Zone Fitz is the best right now…Tua has the potential to be the best in the future….Rosen has potential as well…the difference is he is farther along the process than Tua…he is QB2.

    Andrew Bruticimus Reply

    I agree 100 percent

Donald Young Reply

There you go Josh…don’t back down! Stay focused and get better my man…the rest will take care of itself. I can tell you’ve been taking advantage of the offseason…larger neck and traps. Keep it up young man…Phins up!

    Curtis Williams Reply

    Exactly how i feel 🐬

Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil Reply

The chosen one Rosen 🐬

Lil j 954 Reply

Rosen been killing it keep your head up. Lets go fins we need take over the AFC let people know who Miami really about

    Curtis Williams Reply


Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil Reply

Like a grandmother on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Rosen excels at threading 🧡 the needle. Fins up 🐬

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    He’s gay?

    Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil Reply

    Mike Pelligrino I agree mike he’s SUPER HAPPY AND SUPER CONFIDENT RIGHT NOW πŸ˜‰

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil
    Just like draft day when he claimed 10 mistakes were made?

Richard Arroyo Reply

I’m rooting for this guy
He needs to win starting job to prove to himself and prove to others that he is a viable part of this team and its future regardless of Tua being heir apparent 🐬🏈πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Kevin Clements Reply

So good to have all 3 of these guys in our QB room is just exciting to see. Could you imagine this under Gase or Philbin ? It’s like night & day for this organization.


Josh has really grown alot….I see humility and sincerity in his words. I hope he makes the best of his next opportunity.

Daniel Ashford Reply

Loving the *Confidence!* πŸ€™ let’s get it! 🐬 2 young *TALENTED QB’s* On the squad! *Yeeea Boyyy Let’s Get it!* πŸ‘‘πŸ¬βœŠπŸΎ

Dolphin Dustin Reply

So glad to hear this from rosen he is taking the right approach. Stay the course josh and you will get your chance.

Antonio Feacher Reply

This Dude is the consummate professional!! I Hope’s he gets a chance to start for an entire season with his new found knowledge of the game. He deserves at least the opportunity given the circumstances and TERRIBLE hand he’s been dealt!!

Kimberly Mason Reply

*I’m A DIEHARD Phins🐬 Fan There For I Root For All 3 QBs & Ever Other Miami Dolphin Player On The Roster* *Let’s Go Miami Dolphins 🐬 And Let’s Go & Shock The World* #PhinsUp🐬 #MDF4LIFEπŸ¬πŸˆπŸŒ΄πŸ’―

Kimberly Mason Reply

*I Love All Of Our QBs An I Want Whoever Gives Us The Best Chance Of Winning No Matter Who That QB Is* #PhinsUp🐬🏈🌴

Jorge Miguel Reply

Its hard to not cheer for this guy. I hope Rosen turn his career into something special!!

Karen Setzer Reply

He seems a lot more confident and what more could you ask from a teammate with so much positivity. Great attitude. Evaluated his own play and is committed to getting better.

Andrew Bruticimus Reply

Rosen is going to be our x factor this year. I hope he proves all the haters wrong πŸ™

Sam Gray Reply

Hope You Get the Starting job

Justin Howard Reply

If josh rosen could play qb they way he answers questions/interviews he’d be pat mahommes

Miles Togo Reply

“Fitz is an awesome guy to learn from” – Fitz next year should be Miami’s QB assistant coach…

Mike Pelligrino Reply

I gotta wonder if the Rosen fans have ever watched him play.

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