Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores Meets With the Media | Training Camp | August 25, 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Mando_Games13 Reply

First comment
Let’s go

John Rotuno Reply

I’m SO ready for Phins Football!!!

Cyphra Reply

Flo is a great coach man

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    Why do you think that?

    Tha Don Reply

    @Mike Pelligrino I knew you would reply to this comment.

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Tha Don

Mike Pelligrino Reply

“He’s had some good moments, some bad moments” LMAO

    Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil Reply

    Uuuummmmmm um Um

Mike Pelligrino Reply

Flores is so scared of divulging anything he slows the interview down to a crawl.

    Russell Cron Reply

    Learned from 1 of the best! Mr. Belichick

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Russell Cron
    90% of Belichicks answers are ” We’re concentrating on next weeks opponent” or “Next question” lol

    Russell Cron Reply

    @Mike Pelligrino & Flo has his own style 2 defer questions

TW Bluff Reply

fins up in flores we trust!

williewideback Reply

Coach Flores!! Please encourage, Mr two yards a quarter and a pile of dust ( Chain Gaily ) that he needs to score more than three points a half in order to win this season. He can’t expect the Defense to hold every team we play to under 10 points a game.

Mr. Charms Reply

Flores don’t bring politics into the locker room.

    turbotoommyguns1971 Reply

    He did today

Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil Reply

I want a coach that says we are going to kick that teams a$$

NinjaAlex 2k7YT Reply

Earl thomas just became a free agent i would get him on the team asap

Quay33 Reply

Why are u guys wasting questions on Josh Rosen 😒😒🤬🤬

    Andrew Achal Reply

    Cuz he’s not as bad as u think

RR96 Reply

I stopped the video after the police shooting question. Liberals want to push their agenda into EVERYTHING.

Follow the law. Follow police instructions. Done. You live.

    turbotoommyguns1971 Reply

    It really is that easy. You may not like what the officer is saying but do it survive and start another day

turbotoommyguns1971 Reply

About the shooting, So what you’re telling me coach is that there is racism and fear and anger BUT You haven’t even seen the video?
Then how do you know what you’re talking about? How do you know that cop is racist? I’ll wait for your reply.

    Coach Hunter Reply

    never even said that buddy stop with the crap

Tyrone Hall Reply

I can’t wait for that Rosen interview.

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