Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores Meets With the Media | Training Camp | August 24, 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores Meets With the Media | Training Camp | August 24, 2020

Before practice, Brian Flores meets with the media to discuss the development of Andrew Van Ginkel and Preston Williams, the team's stadium walk-through, the signing of Nate Holley, and the role of quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Rosen, and Tua Tagovailoa throughout training camp.


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Domenick Sutton Reply

Best coach ever!!!!

    Domenick Sutton Reply

    @Mike Pelligrino why you hating

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Domenick Sutton
    Who’s hating? I just laugh that someone says 5-11 is the best coach ever! Ya gotta win 7 SB’s to be considered the best coach ever….

    Domenick Sutton Reply

    @Mike Pelligrino 5-11 with absolutely nothing, we had nothing tf is you saying. For a first year head coach he tore down to rebuild and tank. And we failed at tanking thats why we went 5-11

    Jp IsmenameYT Reply

    Domenick Sutton ys cause don Shula won 7 Super Bowls. No he didn’t but is still consider one of the best coaches ever

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Domenick Sutton
    They kept the players they wanted and dumped the players they didnt want. At 5-11 Flores isnt in the top 200 of NFL coaches.

Axavier Mccutchen Reply

Thats my head coach!!!

Joe D'Amico Reply

I truly believe in the direction Flores has this team going. #Finsup

Richard Arroyo Reply

Coach Flo def is a chess player

James-Pedro Burkett Reply

Go fins

JEDI Reply

Awesome, Flo is focused on the prize…🐬🐬

Big Boy Reply

The dolphins are the best football team ever!!!!

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    Closer to to the WORST!

    Miles S. Reply

    Mike Pelligrino why are you here

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Miles S.
    I love Youtube

    Mike G Reply

    Miles S. Because he’s a troll. He’s on almost every single video trashing the team.

Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil Reply

Fins up

ryan damon Reply


Eric Valladares Reply

Standpoint is coach flo’s favorite word

    Justin Howard Reply

    And umm lol

Mike Pelligrino Reply

He never says anything…

    Mike G Reply

    Then don’t watch. Jesus Christ dude, you’re on every single video hating on the man.

    TuaOurSavior #FinsUp Reply

    Wym ?

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Mike G
    Thats not hating. I kinda like him. But it is useless to watch him.

TW Bluff Reply

Fins up! In Flores we trust

Christopher Phillips Reply

Stupid question from someone who never played ball. So much can go wrong or right. Stop asking dumb questions. The question should have been was it a poor play call, blown coverage, bad defensive read, or player in the wrong place a multitude of issues.

Karen Setzer Reply


Captain Tom Reply

Omar wastes his question on Covid. Good Job

Jessie McBride Reply

Fins up

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