McMahon on Bears’ returners: ‘ If you stop and give them space back there, they’ll make you miss.’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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How–does this guy still have a job

    Steven Soco

    Duke I like how he takes responsibility… like all the other coaches, he only has the talent Elway has provided…


    Isn’t he actually regarded as a good coach throughout the league?

    Kevin Wu Films

    He got Indy to be one of the top 10 special teams in the league.


How is this guy still our special teams coach, every fucking kick off the opposing team either gets to the 30 or runs it back 70 yards like when we play the raiders and chiefs. Can there be one time where we stop them at the 10 or 5 lol. Hasn’t happened since 2013 lol


I wanna see diontae spencer raiders kept kicking away from him last week, I’m wondering if they were scared lol. Because most teams kick to us because most of our returners muffed the punts, hopefully this guy didn’t

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