Maxx Crosby: “We got a big win, so that’s all that matters” | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cosmic Dxrk

First and let’s go raiders🖤🖤🖤

Amir Montane

2-2 letsgoooo


Lamarcus Joyner was an absolute beast today!

    Freakguy666 _

    “Beasts” don’t give up 5 yard outs at the Goaline.

    dominique 5

    I definitely wouldn’t say he was a beast today,what game were you watching


    That hit in the back feild near the goaline was something I had been dreaming about. He’s a very instinctual player and ought to be rovering around more

    Sikeer Xyoojj

    He did okay not that good tho.

    Marcos Lopez

    Better than last 3 weeks for sure

MALO_ 213


    Syck Musyck

    He did nothing.

    Syrup Sipper

    Syck Musyck he caused a forced fumble and was a beast at pressuring the qb and knocking 2 balls down. You stupid if u think he did nothing

Alder Von Well

Love the shirt 😁

Biz Denardo

Just W baby!

Say When


    Jack Tate

    Not even close yet my friend.

    Im not a player I just smash alot


    T Co

    Swatting passes with that club on his hand made me think it, not gonna lie. But yea, early for legendary territory lol

Lord Quas

I want that shirt! Anyone know where to find it?

    PS4 G

    dude I have it😂

    Ignacio Hernandez

    Raider image

    Syck Musyck


    Hans Moleman

    every thrift store in america lol.
    i love it too though


    Never seen a Hawaiian type raider shirt. Thats clean

John J. Vela

Mad Maxx! Raiderrrsss! Thanks for stepping up defense! ☝


It’s either you like it, or you love it. Knock on wood if you’re with me

Lij Hypnotize

Considering the schedule 2-2 not lookin too bad

Edgar Pardo

You balled out today man ☠️☠️ just keep grinding get your feet under you and you will be someone in this league RN4L

VGK #1


A Song For Dee Vee

You balled out today bro, really excited for your future


Max is gonna be a great asset for us. Get him more reps and experience and he gonna ball. Joyner and joseph showed out.

Plan Bee

Shirt is 🔥🔥🔥

Poppa WoLFF

*Atta boy young man..Rep that Raider GEAR !*

jer bo

things max aint got time for: everything except a win

Bruce Lye

Is this guy from Detroit cuz he got a motor on him

Dane Bowen

Here’s the shirt (Google this): Men’s Oakland Raiders Black Floral Woven Button-Up Shirt

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