Maurice Harris: “I’m just trying to take advantage of everyday” | 1-on-1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
LETHAL Productions

Bout to take the league by storm šŸ„¶

Blitz for six Productions

Iā€™m so glad football is finally here!!!

Jerry Kenney

He’s a lock on the roster.

Kevan Brose

2019 Jabar Gaffney

Harry Schmidt


Jack Mullegen

Meghan please have sex with me

Natasha cutie pie

Harris & Harry gonna be lethal!

Nick18 M

We got the same hair

    Eman Paul

    I thought you were him lol are you a PAT’S fan


    Nick18 M Twins?šŸ˜‚

    Nick18 M

    Aaronn1738 hopefully my lost twin can catch about 10 td’s 800 yards 69 catches

Eman Paul

LET’S Gooooo

Fishslap 33

Still trying to understand why we let this guy go.

    Jose Lopez

    Fishslap 33 Redskins fan?

    Al Haymon

    Injury bug.

    Fishslap 33

    @@Al Haymon You mean Harris? Nothing big. Personally I think they made up stuff just so they could get an excuse to keep him off the field. Say what you want about the Redskins, but they are one petty organization. They are world class when it comes to pettiness if you ask me.


When did benson henderson quit bellator and join the patriots lol


    Lmao i knew there would be someone else who noticed harris looks just like henderson.


    Lol i didnt read the title at first and i was like, oh they had an mma guy come in and help with footwork

Kevin Jameson

She really sleeping on my man dorsett. šŸ™

Kreg Scott

Happy to see maurice out there. He will help make a difference I believe.

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