Matthew Stafford on preparing for season opener – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Phat Dawg

Get that win


All there is now?

Get it done. Lets break the Curse.

NFC North. Lets play for it after the Bye.

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    Curse still in full force.

Justin Kredable

Best interview i have seen Matthew give, he seems relaxed and havin fun

    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    compare it to the last LA chargers video with philip rivers


    Family First
    Now imo his family is healthy so he’s healthy/happy

    DVE D🦁E🦁N

Brian Ellis

Stafford seems like he really matured this offseason. Just something different about him. I like it. All of a sudden he is the wise, experienced vet.

    Brian Ellis

    Tyler Bouck yup. I think it really changed his perspective on life in a good way. He just seems more genuine this year and like he is having fun and not being so generic with his answers.


    Brian Ellis i been saying the same he’s seems different and more mature

    Mark Douglas

    I listen to his interviews every year and to be honest I think he sounds the same lol. He’s going to be great this year though


    Brian Ellis like he is appreciating more

JayyCee4 !!

The best place to stay in Michigan if your athlete in Detroit sports has to be Birmingham, Royal Oak, Howell, Bloomfeild…

    Raggs Filthy

    how could you leave out ann arbor some nice secluded properties out there and crime isnt bad

    JayyCee4 !!

    Ann Arbor and Clarkston too my bad those are good ones too. .

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    What about Dearborn?

Troxel’s Sports Talk #TST

Take care of home and at minimum split the road games 12-4 season #BootUp let’s win that NFC North this year 1 game at a time #OnePride

    Bootiebodypody AFO

    All they gotta do is play D run the ball we don’t have to get a first down every carry ….. or touchdown it’s called wearing out the Other team so you can make the pass game available ….. if the lions can do that get the defense on their reserve and light them up after 😑

    Troxel’s Sports Talk #TST

    Bootiebodypody AFO absolutely couldn’t say it any better



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    I agree. They have a horrible home record since forever. There’s no excuse for that.

Joseph Green

Long season if they lose to the Cards.

    Luke G's Field Review

    You not lying because i don’t see how we lose to Cards


    We’re gonna roll the cards

    Luke G's Field Review

    @jcman240 I suspect we will as well and if we don’t come on over to my channel i will be going off

Tyler Bouck

Man do I hope we can be that team for him. Almost lose your wife to brain tumor. Play through every injury. Always give it his all when all the nay sayers just trash him. No respect from the media. To embrace a city that is almost a mirror reflection of the sports organization that you play for…. Enough said. Lets get it Matt!!! One Pride! Defend the Den! Go LIONS!!!

    Matthew Szerlag

    Not brain cancer, brain tumor. All else stands true

    Tyler Bouck

    @Matthew Szerlag thank you Matt ill edit


    DVE D🦁E🦁N

    -thats my qb


    I could see him having a career year

ceo los

I think it’s going to be his best season I don’t know why but I got a gut feeling

    Mark Douglas

    He always has one multi-INT game somewhere in the season that ruins his TD-int ratio. I think this year he finally gets below 10 interceptions. He threw like 8 in 15 games last year.

    Brandon Newhouse

    Hockensen gonna open up a lot of things for Stafford. Im excited to watch it!

Raggs Filthy

what curse? im expecting a 10 to 11 win season

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    Oh there’s definitely been a curse.



SilentFire 88

Go Lions! Silence the haters! #OnePride


That is our quarterback! One pride!

The V Addition

Nike get this man a new cap! He’s our franchise quarterback.


Let’s prove the haters wrong and show out ! 🦁 #OnePride for life


I remember 2-3 years ago when we opened up against the Cardinals and put David Johnson out for the season. Don’t think he’s not thinking about that every time he gets a carry.

B Bennett

Protect this man and lets win the division goddamnit!

Hell Rell

(In my Terrell Owen’s voice)…”That’s my Quarterback “…”that’s my Quarterback “!😥😥

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Put a fork in em. Fire bevell fire Patricia.

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