Matthew Stafford on Kansas City game plan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hassan Haulcy

By far the most slept on and underrated qb in the nfl. We’d be a lottery team without him

    313 JMO

    @russell raap jr Matthew Stafford has the worst running game for any quarterback in nfl history and the second worst defense for any QB in nfl History stfu

    313 JMO

    @Thunder/Lions Fan Stafford has been sacked 50 more times than Luck since Luck entered the league our o line is FINALLY showing up but he hasnt been protected his whole career

    russell raap jr

    @Shane You say I’m wrong and mention Lang who signed to coast to retirement!!! Dumbass!

    russell raap jr

    @Matthew Szerlag I can’t help that you’re stupid and can’t understand basic football. I tell ya what, you shine Stafford’s ballsack everyday and I’ll stay smart!

    Matthew Szerlag

    @russell raap jr lol. Keep singing your billy idol music and I’ll keep sucking.

Andrew Scaglione

Lets get it Detroit

Gregory Megatron

Clayton Kershaw’s best friend says ketchup on steak is for morons

    Juan Williams

    Clayton Kershaw agrees with most people. I don’t want to eat a pile of ketchup when I got a steak

    Mike K

    Old news President Trump prefers his steak well done and w ketchup. Like 5 yr olds

    Juan Williams

    @Mike K alright this is the last straw, IMPEACH!!

    Hog Farmer

    I guess it’s also for MVPs

    Hanging Around

    @Mike K seriously, Trump is in your head bad if you have to bring him up on a Lions comment section… Good luck with all of that.


DETROIT lions are no pushover Kansas City’s over confidence will be there undoing 🌠

    Juan Williams

    I don’t think so, KC is playing hot and they will continue to do so. I doubt you’ll catch anyone sleeping


    💯agree but unlike analyst I believe other teams take us seriously, AT LEAST THEY SHOULD.


It’s good to see Stafford smiling theses days. I’ve been his biggest critic and will continue to be until he starts making big plays in games that count. All that inside this year looks promising.


    Can’t criticize his toughness though. But ya agree with you.

Mr Steal Yo Bitch

Hopefully the O-line continues to block. I think the game plan for the KC game should be the run game. Keep the ball outta Mahomes hands as much as possible


    Agreed, they are susceptible to allowing good runs and have ok corners. If the run game gets rolling that PA will be deadly. Have to play well in all 3 phases tho…offense could score 42 but defense only has to give up 43 🤷

Steven Ferris

Mahomes first career game in a dome, we need that crowd noise Sunday.

    Tiffany Todd

    Brent, i wouldn’t get so cocky just yet. Mahomes is more than capable of putting up five or six hundred plus yards and five or six touchdowns. Easily.

    big lea

    @Tiffany Todd FACTS


    Yea thats whats scary….no wind…😱 last time he played in a dome in college he destroyed them. Going to be a tough outing for this defense.

    scotti dont

    Both points are very valid. He will be playing without the elements and should be easier for him but at the same time Lions fan will show up and be could give the team a couple opportunities to disrupt their flow.

Cad Bane

Sorry but I see the lions winning this. Something about ford field and those damn cursed crossbars makes the lions into a devil of a team. As a lions fan I am not surprised we are 2-0-1. Patricia has turned our culture not into the patriot way but his own way with both quin. Fun fact, Patrick M. Has never played in a dome in his nfl career. The Detroit lions are by far the weirdest team in the nfl. HEY WE BEAT BRADY AND RODGERS LAST YEAR!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE :):)

    Dean Toma

    Copy and paste

    Gary Schaefer

    Whenever I got to a game a kicker does bad and the other teams kicker always hits the crossbar

    Michael Perez

    Great comment! I couldn’t agree anymore or less. Hopefully all of the Lions’ hard work pays off this Sunday!

    M K

    Cad Bane Kickers are trash against the lions. Not joking. It’s crazy but so cool

Don Bur

My staff been putting In work and that hat too. Let’s Gooo




313 JMO

Idk man I just see something Different in Stafford This Year Making Jokes Holding everyone accountable etc. What Happened to him this offseason Has Changed him For The Better. This is Our Year!


    I think the cancer scare of his wife put things in perspective for him.

    M K

    313 JMO Bevell broke his shell. And he’s had to see his wife deal with that tumor and deal with the birth of his kids the years prior. He comes in this year with no worries now and he’s more animated now. Much more of a leader and his play resembles that.

    313 JMO

    @Devlins10 i get you but it wasnt cancer but a brain tumor.

    313 JMO

    @M K it really does as someone highlighted and told me and i just realized it he holds everyone accountable and does take all the blame. He’s just different and im sure everyone can tell

    Don Cancelosi

    313 JMO I agree brother

lets talk America

love me some Stafford man he is awesome to watch go Lions

Chromium Dragon

Captain Comeback sometimes makes me forget that I miss Barry.

Scott McClellan

had a weird dream….Agnew Averages almost 35 yds per return…Gives us great Field Position a couple times…Staffy throws for 282 and 3 TD’s. RB Room rushes for 165 Combined & 2 TDs Defense gets 3 To’s, Lions win 35-31 What?! Then I woke up but wonder if there is some truth in there….we shall see…

    M K

    Scott McClellan They’ll find a way to win


    Thats a hell of a dream i hope it becomes true …my dream was we actually win a playoff game and possibly the North…..

    kvng will45

    I swear to god I had a dream where we beat the chiefs 48-42 golladay caught the game winning touchdown


Kc is anything but over confident Karen. Watch any of the pressers and stop talking out your …

crum lee

The media gives him more pressure in his face than the DLine does to him on Sundays. And I don’t mean it negative towards him. Jesus Christ, let him breathe. The media acts like they’re more important than product on the field..


Matt’s a class act. Not many people mention that. Takes beating and keeps coming back.

Frankie Lu

Matt is def the best QB I’ve seen as a lion n my lifetime. I’m 37 lol. I love this guy!! He gives his all


The Lions just need to compete with them. Go out and have fun. No one expects them to win anyway so there’s no pressure on them. All the pressure is on the chiefs.

Hatchet Jack

for 13 years i have let my Dog sleep and soil on a lions blanket ….If they beat KC, I will wash it !

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