Matthew Stafford on Green Bay’s defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ryan Hainer

Let’s get it boys

Me Me

One pride #9 🦁🦁

Ali Powe

That’s my dawg!

Tombond Crispy

Protect the ball. Should do fine.

Cookie 45

Come on interception king you got this

    Aleksandr Dolgikh

    Lol interception king? are you not familiar with Joey Harrington?

    Thunder/Lions Fan

    INT king? When did Wrangler Farve unretire?

    Don Bur

    Another fake fan win you all n lose u talk same old bs




Let’s put our 🦶 on they’re throats

    i Mr go hard

    LionZ their*

    Onmi 07

    That’s weird

Alan Grey

Matthew Stafford is going to be passing and spreading those balls to his WRs faster than the Flu. Green Bay is about to be sick. There’s no Defense for a Staff-infection!


    Alan Grey except that we need to run about 25X+ times

Lion Rumble 81


Hatters House 710

No turnovers, limit the penalties and the Lions will win this game.

Hatchet Jack

Next Monday night Lions will be at the bottom on the division once again , SOL


    @Hatchet Jack who is MarthA

    first/m /last

    @ItsPete have you followed this team? How long? There’s a very good reason for the doubt.

    Hatchet Jack

    @Don Bur no Zir, i will never delete my comments as they hold true,

    Don Bur

    @ItsPete pete love your passion I’m with but the team name is spelled LIONS NOT LOINS AND BRO MARTHA OWNS THE TEAM COME ON MAN U TRIPPING LMAO.



Shawn Dymond

Ill not watch it some other time 😂😂

Michael Shan


    Mostillist 623

    thank you

Leo Martino

I love how stafford is one of the richest guys in the NFL yet he still wears the same nike hat in every interview

Brad Menendez

Stafford cracks me up, would love to see him just be silly one of these times, feels like he isn’t terribly interested in being asked questions so he should have fun with it and be goofy, bet the dudes got a good sense of humor! Go Lions, excited for our boys!

Neil reid

Just absolutely love this professional athlete. He is class on & off the field. Also the 24th most in career TD’s. Pretty damn good for a sidearm throwing, non scrambling QB who played for the Lions his whole career. Lol Not a dig but it’s the truth.

first/m /last

“We almost beat KC” YIPPEE!


    almost doesn’t count on the W/L record 🤷🏽‍♂️

    first/m /last

    @flash12319 my point exactly. It’s from a spoof cartoon someone did of Stafford and the lions. I do like Stafford though.

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