Matthew Stafford on confidence heading into week 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jeneral GBerry

Lets go Stafford lets shred these bolts!!! ONE PRIDE OR DONT RIDE 💪🏽🦁

    lets talk America

    I’m feeling good about this one Gberry stafford looked good

    Jeneral GBerry

    @lets talk America yea he did… how bout the wheels on that RPO lol

    lets talk America

    @Jeneral GBerry lol dude is really slow but I did love seeing him on a diff level..btw I would never burn my Stafford jersey


    ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Be ready!! 💪🏼

313 JMO

Stafford just casually Said he can throw the Ball 90 Yards 😂

    Carlos Lawson

    That’s why he said trust me!!😁😁💙🦁💙

    313 JMO

    @Carlos Lawson He said he’s over it and he is lol

brent. Harpazo lange. Rapture

Offense is always behind the defense in the 1 st 4 or 5 games they will get better.

Mark Stapels

He is definitely correct on the fans of detroit “not moving on” from that timeout or how awful Patricia is as a coach. As a lions fan myself, everywhere I go, all i see is people complaining about it 24/7. When is enough enough. It’s over with, move on!
And on a side note, i live how stafford is so passionate about the game, the amount of changes he went through for the first decade is insane. Glad to still have a QB as loyal, as lead worthy as him.

    lets talk America

    time to move on for sure focusing on LA bolts is what matters now my buddy can’t get over it told him to stay positive it’s a long season

    Carlos Lawson

    It’s like watching Ghostbusters they figured all that negative energy was the problem

J. R.

I need to do a better job ??
says Stafford !!!

    Lorin Keehn

    Hey I dont mind a brady 2.0 if he thinks he needs to better perform better than last game then so be it. Become a brady 2.0


That’s my QB

🗣️ DVE D🦁E🦁N

matt faraj

Lol Kyle always in the shot

Officaldisstv RawUncut

Keep doing u Stafford lead us to the playoffs

Don Bur

That’s my Dam QB Dam skippy!! Dont like it oh well…. This Detroit

    Alex Stewart

    Tied with the Cardinals lul!

    Tied with the worst team in the NFL. Ajajajaja

    Steven P

    @Don Bur 6-9-1

    Don Bur

    @Steven P 10-5-1 yep Detroit in the dam building

    George Morgan

    Alex the lions did not play Miami


You have to trust this guy at the end of games. He’s got the killer instinct. Let him play and he will come up with something brilliant like the fake spike.

Carlos Lawson

I don’t listen to or suround myself with negative energy I love our team! Stafford and company rocks!!!

Sage Antone

Meinke always manages to push his grotesque mug into the camera shot.

mathew gorst

Im so sick of people saying Stafford is not good enough to take us anywhere! Im sorry i beg to differ if this offensive line can keep him healthy, and our D can keep us in games there is no doubt Matthew Stafford can not only take us there but win it and be the MVP! He is a future HOF all he needs is that SB to guarentee it!

Austin KeepsitReal

Stafford really is a standup guy i would’ve love to seen him be drafted by a organization that was competent

    Gee Wiz

    True. But I’m glad he’s here.

Stephen Antos

Stafford is different this year! The Team will be as good as he is!

Darren Turnpaugh

Stafford is going to have such a great year, this Bevell guy has him prepared on a different level and it shows. If he feels the heat and avoids pressure just a little better the sky will be his ceiling.


It was the first game of the season…they didn’t play their best football in game one…and their only going to get better. With that being said the offense is going to be really good and the defense plays one more quarter and your talking about them being top 3 in the league. This team is a complete team….we are headed places this season

Rat Tom

Staff is a great talent… Detroit doesn’t deserve him….


This ain’t the Cardinals,
you guys better bring your A game.
We’re ready for you Lions! ⚡️🦁⚡️

Bryan Adams

IDGAF what anyone says, that guy is a very very good QB, leader and a warrior! I love his demeanor and his mindset concerning the QB job!👍🏻

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