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A Initiate

Underrated. Stafford is one of the reasons why Megatron put up those stats.

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

    you can make the argument that Megatron was a reason stafford was able to put up those stats as well.

    Aegon One

    @Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career yes you have a point but the year after megatron retired he had a 4700 yard passing season which was average when megatron was around.. so clearly he doesnt need megatron to get those numbers. Having megatron certainly helps too. They compliment each other.

    Shawn Dymond

    @Pride Remember Calvin was on the 0-16 team, which was the year before Stafford got drafted


    @Pride Stafford put it where only CJ could get it. Totally different than “lobbed it up and Calvin caught it”. Stafford’s production actually got better after CJ left, and CJ never had the production he had with Stafford prior to or with another QB. Calvin was a great, great receiver but it took a great QB to make that happen. Also, there were several other targets that got Stafford those numbers. In fact, he had 2 thousand yard receivers just a couple years ago.


Lions should be 2-0.

    Xotix FPS

    MRTUPAC 28 Blame Patricia on that one

    Mystic TK

    Should be but they let that week 1 win slip away from them.

    Julian _

    at lest the tie might come in handy later on if the wild card race is tight *IFFF* that happens

    Daniel R.

    Should I get rid of Mayfield for Stafford in fantasy?

    I Win

    Daniel R. Definitely mayfield

ryan wilczewski

NFL makes a highlight video for him this week but not after his 385 yard and 3 TD game against Arizona in week 1.


    @ryan wilczewski the NFL hates the lions

    ryan wilczewski

    @iAMthe_underdog that makes more sense


    True but I’ll take it
    🗣️ DVE D🦁E🦁N


    @iAMthe_underdog but we didn’t lose


    but of course Kyler Murray got one that game 😒

Will Pacheco

And this dude wasn’t top 100

    neutral nick hotel

    not last year no he was bad last year with his back


    Nah, he didn’t deserve it last year. He played bad. The combination of a busted back, first year HC and a god awful OC didn’t help either

    ryan wilczewski

    Last year was his worst year so makes sense



    I Win

    He was only average last year with the thing with his wife and his back injury but he wills this year

Dorito king

Go lions

Mega Makina

Good result. I hate spanos

Bowser With tits

Best backup fantasy QB. Thanks for helping me blow out the team I was playing last week stafford


2:10 only 3 qb in the league can make that throw with zip on it

And josh Allen isn’t one of em

    Michael Shan

    Josh Allen has the arm strength to make that throw, but probably not the accuracy yet.

    Mahomes, Rodgers, Stafford. That’s it.



    Aegon One

    That throw was a work of art holy..

    Jevaroh Dail

    Didn’t see the pass live saw your recommendation and watched it……… WTF WAS THAT PASS?

    Aegon One

    @Jevaroh Dail I know right lol the staff is back baby

PALi friendly



We just gonna ignore Kerryon’s elusiveness on those plays? Get that man more carries 💪💪💪

    Aegon One

    Trying to keep him healthy all season long.. he even got injured today too I believe lol

    Michael Mclellan

    CodiiM he was injured today

    Tyler Ivezaj

    He came back though he will play next week

Aegon One

Jesse james had a silently good game

Aegon One

Frank with that lead block for KJ. I love frank honestly lol absolutely beautiful

Lamones Jr

We finally beat the bolts for a change

TJ Strong

Have always loved Stafford-smart, accurate, tough- the Lions haven’t built a solid Team around him– if he was with the Bears, and that D, they might win it all— like Rivers in a way–

    Ki11a TJ

    he has had plenty of good players he has not capitalized


    He could have competed for a super bowl in 2014

Playboi Polo

I made a video getting Derwin James and Phillip Rivers X factor activated in madden 20


The lions have 3 players on offense who played qb in college, Stafford, Nick Bawden, and Logan Thomas

theboulkev23 -

he the only reason lions relevant

Bre Johnson

that my QB #9 world let’s go pride

Dajour Sampson

2:35 Good stuff from that running back

Brad Whitmer

Stafford’s TD pass to Golladay was an absolute laser. Beautiful to watch

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