Matt Ryan: ‘we want to be on top of the division’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Matt Ryan: ‘we want to be on top of the division’

Matt Ryan speaks with the media about the Falcons’ preparation for the Colts this week and the team's success after their win against the Eagles.

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Nick bagnulo Reply

Ease up on the picks

K9ine _ Reply

Yo someone else say something about the picks god damn he only had 7 last year he’s been an mvp caliber qb the last three years tired of the Marty ice disrespect from different nfl fans but our own fans lol I hate this fan base

    blake wagner Reply


    Tay Neal Reply

    He top 5 easy he gone win it dis year

    Christopher Ferachi Reply

    I wish iceman would’ve just said “it be like that sometimes”

    kodanarmadillo Reply

    Marty Ice is my favorite quarterback in the National Football League

Kru Gaming Reply

Guys he is getting used to a knee system with a completely new coach staff almost. Dirk wants to be a pass heavy offense. Matt is gonna throw some picks give him some time

Christopher Ferachi Reply

Shake back Matt‼️💯

GhOsT PePpErS Reply

Peyton had a 6 int game in his 10th year. Brees had a 5 int game in his 12th year. Brady had a 4 int game in his 12th year. It happens to the best of them. Besides… *having Ty Sambrailo blocking against Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox would speed up any QBs decision making process.* Ice will play better as the season goes on.

    BAseny Reply

    GhOsT PePpErS lol what’s wrong with Ty?

    Pat Carter Reply

    @BAseny Nothing with him specifically. I think he was more referring to how good Fletcher Cox and that D line are. Might be the toughest line the falcons face all season. They just match up well due to their size.

    Valentino Babbs Reply

    Anyone who could’nt tell that should watch another sport

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

Let’s get it Iceman! No picks this time, #RISEUP

Mr Spizite Reply


Gary Turbo Reply

Just pass the dam ball

    Joseph Mestas Reply

    @Gary Turbo: Compared to the amount of times he passed the ball that’s a pretty big ratio. The 300+ yards and 3 TD’s are pretty nice I guess.

    Gary Turbo Reply

    Still be nice to have a quaterback that can play under pressure

    Pepper 526 Reply

    Gary Turbo he can your just blinded from media biased or others opinions

    Joseph Mestas Reply

    @Gary Turbo: You guys seriously overreact and just simply don’t seem to understand the things Ryan has had to deal with the last two weeks. You don’t seem to understand that 1. The run game has been terrible the last 2 weeks because again, it’s not like the Falcons haven’t been playing 2 of the best D-lines in the league, which makes them have to pass the ball the majority of the game, And 2. Both teams were blitzing for damn near the entire game, much more than most teams do. And obviously Ryan figured out a play that works well against The blitz that he did an audible for that ended up winning the game.

Latrell Caldwell Reply

Ok let’s get back on top division looking bad this year let’s get this win kill the TO n get more TOs

C Smith Reply

Walton Goggins

Bino Bino Reply

We might get there now that brees is hurt. We weren’t going to get there with your play 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Abraham Garcia Reply

    It’s a O-line that is smoothing out the wrinkles after adding 4-5 new guys, they only played like 2 of the top five pass rushing teams in opening two weeks. They’ll figure it out as the season progress. Worry about Takk and Vic tho. Our rushers are our weak link

    Cortez Dallas Reply

    Abraham Garcia takk is playing awesome what are you talkin bout 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    Sebastian Baker Reply

    Abraham Garcia takk is playing great your looking numbers wise because he don’t have a sack but he been putting constant pressure on the qbs

lemstry Reply

I want yall to win a super bowl so 28-3 memes die

    Lyric's Mom Reply

    People will still find a way to hate but i want them to hoist a Lombardi they deserve it

Chasin Paper Reply

I want us to win, but I want us to put up numbers in the process! Clean up the picks cause we know u can!

Marcus Rushin Reply

So much unwarranted hate thrown Matt’s way, and he just let’s it roll off his back, keep grinding Matt✊🏾✊🏾

Mark Godbee Reply

Poor Matt has thrown 5 pics in two games. Even more alarming is 2 of the 5 interceptions were in the end zone.

    Valentino Babbs Reply

    Poor Matt nothin doesn’t need sympathy!

Adarely Morales Reply

It did feel good today

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

Ice has been a terriffic QB for this franchise over the years. After watching his very first game in the league against the Lions… I knew he was going to be great for this team and the city. I love this guy… he’s one of the greatest Falcons players of all time and Falcons fans are very lucky to have him. I hope he can add a super bowl championship to his resume and cement his place amongst the all time great qb’s… he certainly deserves it 👏🔥💯👍

Mike Honcho Reply

Matty ICE has the stats and the accolades… now it’s time for that hardware.

    Valentino Babbs Reply

    Damn right!

Tammy Keller Reply

Lol asking about that screen audible and what his favorite part was trying to bait him into taking credit and he’s like yeah 11 guys did their job nothing too special from anyone. Love it.

Valentino Babbs Reply

Numbers matter Matt! 5 int’s vs 1TD 🤷‍♂️ not a stat your gonna want as a QB

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