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Welp, Bye Quinn


    @Large Southern Load No one cares about how many regular seasons wins they had. We have ZERO Lombardi Trophies.

    Tony Shepard

    @Large Southern Load you see a pattern here too

    Mr Spizite

    Starkzee not so fast lol 😂 a lot of football left

    Don W

    87Khein isn’t that sad?

Soquinthia Davis


    Robbie White

    @aviato287 x your a smart one guy the same offensive coordinator that we have had for years leading up to the 2012 season? He is not new….

    Trippy Gengar

    @aviato287 x isnt that what the preseason an OTAs were for?.. Theres no excuse for loosing games like this theres simply no effort in our play

    Mr Spizite

    Don W
    😂 you talk like you been fat a while my guy

    Mr Spizite

    CrazyBoi 888999
    We can stop everyone in our conference my guy

    Mr Spizite

    CrazyBoi 888999
    It’s ALOT of football left my guy. Looks bad but these are NFL players not college

Air Xtream21

It’s still the same issue, slow out of sync SOFT AZZ ZONE DEFENSE which is straight trash point blank.

    StarKiller 5iveOh

    Predictibly, zone on 1st down and 2nd down…EVERY SERIES!

    Mr Spizite

    It’ll be much different when we play conference games . Coaching staff seems to be saving plays and schemes for the last 8 games against conference teams

    Don W

    Mr Spizite only a bad coach would do that

    Mr Spizite

    Don W they did it in 2017 when we made playoffs after the Super Bowl loss.
    (No hangover year) rare .
    Falcons a 2nd half team , 2nd half of the year team too.

Jay Manning

Smh I don’t even know what to say lol, we suck we need a change


Such a horrendous performance by this team. Quinn will not be the head coach for long if this continues. With koetter next

    alex mason

    he’s not head coach 😂 hes the defensive coach

    Soquinthia Davis

    I think Dirk brought the Voodoo from TAMPA BAY! 🤬🤷🏾‍♀️


It’s a long season. But it’s getting hard to watch 😖

    Kru Gaming

    dunny44able I already got a jags jersey. I can’t watch a blowout every game and it’s harder to watch every week and it’s been like that as long as I can remover


On a positive note. Am I the only one that noticed Hooper catches the ball exactly like tony Gonzalez did?. Reaches out and gets it.. that’s a good sign

    Connor Crist

    Hooper and rid is the future

    Valentino Babbs

    @Samuel Davis he’s a former aint player it’s intentional!

    Samuel Davis

    @Valentino Babbs That makes no sense. He’s a Falcon now.

    Randall Foster

    @Christopher Yang same with cutter llf

    Randall Foster

    But from the buccaneers


I loved how the crowd booed them ,ga is a football state the fans know football, its to bad the Falcons just cant play good football

    Mr Spizite

    They will play better when they choose to show more plays instead of waiting for conference games


    @Mr Spizite I get that but honestly, they had since February to get the ball rolling and an additional preseason game , man some things never change with this franchise, I’ve seen 40 years of this and its depressing that the new generation of fans are going to get caught up in this as well

    Don W

    Mr Spizite stop making the same dumbass uneducated comment!’

    Kru Gaming

    jdmoody22 I swapping to the Jags I’m done I already got a jersey and I’m only sixteen half my family lives there anyway I am done with this my whole life man. Blowout every game.

Ga Gamer

Have we heard this speech before?

    Cassandra Pertillo

    Ga Gamer yes we have I’m sick of it

    Mr. Bojangles

    Every week

    Lotonuu Vaimasanuu

    This guy lucky because owner blank is a good man.. paid him tons of $$ but he only can pull up 10 points,,,,,and can’t win games we lucky the DF stop titans should be a blow out game…

Ga Gamer

Defense has no drive or motive to get off the field on 3rd down. To give up 15 yards on a 3rd and 15 is just sloppy.

    Bruce Taylor

    They are too small and way too slow. BAMA Offense might cause us problems at this point!!!

    Ga Gamer

    @Bruce Taylor. Yea. We need speed and size not just speed. Seem to me they are scared to tackle always arm tackling and grabbing jerseys


    To their credit tho, the defense didn’t give up a single point in the 2nd half. Our offense was just trash today.

    Randall Foster

    @WatchEmFly Matt Ryan threw almost 400 yards if not for Freemans dropped pass


3:48 smfh this guy dont care its all about the money




It’s gotten so bad, I record the games and if they win I’ll watch it afterwards. Can’t stand to watch this crap anymore. Go Dawgs!

    Robbie White

    Got some bad news for you bud bulldogs will let you down as well at least they take you to the end though.

Bean Talk

Look what weapons this guy has and we only get 10 points lmao great job🤣

Valentino Babbs

I see it now this isn’t a real NFL team!

    Shawn Golmes

    lmao damn

Kevin Scott

“I do like the way we play.”
The sixth highest-paid player in the NFL.
Going through his presser the same way he goes through drives:blind and emotionless.

C Smith

Why does it seem like it’s been the same interviews for years filled with excuses, BUMS

Ronnie Williams

Matt Ryan always talking bout “taking a look at something” or “cleaning something up”…SHUT UP!

    Mutahi Elliott

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bro my thoughts exactly…sick of this dude I’ll never forgive him for not calling an audible in the superbowl to run plays so we could have just kicked the FG to win. F!#k this dude


    Fr he is a huge part of the problem

VA Yourztruly

Man this is one of the most talented teams in the league & were playing soft .. at this point the dolphins might put 30 on us smh

    Shawn Golmes

    30 please maybe,40

    Samuel Davis

    Maybe that’s the point their not as talented as we think they are. You keep telling a woman she’s pretty and she’ll start to believe it.

Mike Honcho

HOF quarterback getting his prime wasted by poor Olines and no defense.

    CrazyBoi 888999

    Eli is better.

    CrazyBoi 888999

    Julio is being wasted just like moss hof wide receivers with no o -line

    John Jackson

    He is a stat padder…only throws the ball 4 yards and hopes for yac

    Tony Angelo

    HOF, I doubt it at this point.

Mr Spizite

It’s a lot of football left to play . Still excited . Can’t get worse than an L .
W’s on the way #RiseUp

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