Matt Ryan Leads the Falcons Downfield for an Austin Hooper TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Melon Shark

ok this is what we need to see

Felipe Munive

We will never win a SB with Ryan… He is a good QB but not Elite…

    Scorpius Oneness

    @Justin Williams Tom Brady has entered the chat🤣😭


    @Quan Cuffie That’s what I’m saying

    Goose Wayne

    @Jordan Davis yea you know beating teams like the Rams that went 11-5 in 2017 and putting 45 on green bay in 2016 is not elite at all

    Darryl Jr

    Felipe Munive You’re wrong about him not being a elite The defense was not a

    Felipe Munive

    @Darryl Jr I agree on not having an elite defense and needing one to win SB rings, BUT when you have offensive weapons like Julio, Sanu, Ridley, Freeman, and others you have to win some games by scoring more than 24 points like today. I like Ryan, but I believe we need to start looking for his replacement and QB of the future.

yoboi ac

Get ready raiders to get whoop by the colts

-raiders fan

    Andrew K

    How you enjoying the game my man

Semaj Lpz

More cowboy highlights

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

Matt Ryan is a very boring QB.

bruce lau

Just what the falcons needed to start the second half

U done messed up A-Aron

The Colts are gonna win they have Andrew Luck…

Oh wait

Jay Zbieszkowski

Colts taking the dub

Johnny Cham

Perfect pass to the colts too..

BJ Weathers

ATL needs a new qb that why they always losing…atl an is old

    Darryl Jr

    BJ Weathers You’re wrong that’s not the reason


    Matt Ryan consistently puts up outstanding stats each season. It’s his teammates that are lacking, and a defense that cannot tackle


    We obviously loss to penalties, his lineman couldn’t block, defense couldn’t put pressure on qb, and defense lost 128 yards from 16 penalties called, new franchise record
    Watch the game live you only watch YouTube


    Did you even watch this game or the video?

    BJ Weathers

    Yes I did

Nindi Dwi

🔴 Live now here 👉 «–USA-NFL-09-22 »

Aries Anderson

Falcons Gave Matt Ryan a 5 year contract and they’ll stuck with him till then 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ 😂

Smith John

Imagine throwing 6 picks in 3 games

    † WOLFE †

    Smith John peyton manning threw 5 in one game

Tobaz Protho

It’s dirk koetter offense 💩💩 run the football!


What up risp up falcon

Scorpius Oneness

Garbage QB & Garbage Defense. The offense always carrying the load smh.


    This sentence doesn’t make sense lol

    Scorpius Oneness

    @BudEagle How? Ryan isn’t accurate & folds under pressure, & has no legs. He has elite receivers & solid runners. To make up for the lack of defense on both ends. The Defense is not consistent by no means!

    I am a die hard falcons fan btw. I am tired of making excuses for my team though.


Ppl really don’t know a damn thing about football, Matt Ryan literally brought them back but ya’ll jump down his throat. Let’s look pass the RB struggling, let’s look pass the defense that can’t cover nobody nor tackle, let’s look pass all the holding calls, offsides, targeting penalties. 16 penalties is ridiculous but let’s blame it all on Matt Ryan.

    Tuba God

    mrcooldeadly85 I agree

    Tuba God

    Ryan brought them back by so much

    Tuba God

    All of these haters are salty because we haven’t had a winning season if u were true fans u wouldn’t complain

    A sad falcons Fan

    It’s a shame that our fans hate matt ryan so much smh.

Tuba God

All of these haters are salty because we haven’t had a winning season if u were true fans u wouldn’t complain

The Truth

Matt Ice Cold Ryan is garbage.

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

How could Matt Ryan miss Jet Jones in the end zone wide open for a touchdown… uuggghhh 😩😳

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