Matt Ryan: Falcons’ mindset is ‘being consistent for 4 quarters’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Skittles fn

Please stop disappointing me team

TRG Prayer

Matty ice you play good this week and go do your thing and get the dub


* Drows pick against cardinals*

    YDD Gaming

    Nya_jjcool even better, he’ll throw 3


Y’all blaming him, but the garbage defense cannot get off the field. Matt isn’t playing
D-line, LB, or DB. Blows that he throws contested red zone picks, but he recovers to throw multiple tds after. Defense doesn’t redeem themselves at all. Hasn’t had a good D since 2016

    Bailey Ytuarte

    @Randall Foster I talking about Chris Lindstorm

    Randall Foster

    @Bailey Ytuarte I got you. Was he injured before? I hate the fact they put Kaleb against jj wat that’s just asking to look bad

    Byron Jones

    Just had a look at QB ratings oh guess what! Matty ice is #4… pound it bro!

B Strong

The defense has been consistently bad for 4 quarters.

A sad falcons Fan

Matty ice

C Smith

Get it together Walton Goggins!

Beast Mode Killa

I feel bad for Matt. He looks crushed n sad things aren’t looking well. I wish u well bro.

    Mr Spizite

    Beast Mode Killa
    Things will get better my guy.
    Can’t RISE UP if your already up .💯

julius jones

The Falcons organization just doesn’t get it.


disappointed all imma say

Chasin Paper

Braves just got violated, we can’t have nothing man I swear 😒

    Mr Spizite

    Chasin Paper
    Don’t give up on the brotherhood.
    Coming from a ‘03 fan from Vegas my guy 💪🏾 give em good energy



Reese Dog

These guys are far less stressed about losing than the fan base. Wednesday is payday.

    Elijah Ford

    Reese Dog lol facts 😂

    C Smith

    Time to go shopping for some Lambos and Bentleys!

Nick bagnulo


    Mr Spizite

    Nick bagnulo
    A healthy o-line would make him mvp

Mel Sells Real Estate

If you guys haven’t change your scheme from being so Vanilla we dont want to hear it. You need to apologize for not recognizing greatness in the mind of Shanahan

John Smith

It doesnt matter what Ryan does. If you dont get him a Top 10 defense atleast then dont even think about winning the superbowl

    Dr Shwazz

    John Smith That really goes with any good QB. The defense needs to do their part

    John Smith

    issue with Ryan is he’s gonna get a 7 or 8yd sack that ends a 1 possession w/ punt when other Qb’s couldve made it just an incomplete pass. falcon defense rarely gets any punts. Another possession against a top defense will end in a bonehead throw he makes. He requires a D-fense that can cover for those 2 bogus possessions

    Tariq Shaw

    Stfu that defense cwas yound asf sheb we was in tge Superbowl

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

Quinn and Dimitroff has failed this man so badly. Hang in there Ice… change is coming

Kevin R

This dude is going to shred us 😪😪


    Kevin R kyler will go for 350 and three passing and one rushing td

    Kevin R

    fckied Maybe but I still trust the Falcons way more than the Cardinals.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Kyler will be doing the same to the falcons defense

    C Smith

    Na man, y’all are going to win 77 to 9

Mr Spizite

Stay positive. ALWAYS
#Riseup we in the perfect spot to show ppl how to RISE UP now 💪🏾

Shereda Cook

Just here to see if he says the same thing he said last week. Side note: these reporters ask some stupid questions

Antonio Davis

Man 🤦🏾‍♂️you probably will get back to Matty Ice with another ball club you need to be traded b4 the deadline

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