Matt Rhule talks about final injury report for Chicago game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Landon Hunter Reply

Best NFL team hands down

    WeebJay Reply

    @PanthersGodFSU23 😂😂😂

    Seth Marion Reply

    If you’re trying to get likes….it’s working 🤪😁

    Quenton stein Reply

    @Seth Marion I don’t need clout that’s female ways

    PanthersGodFSU23 Reply

    @Quenton stein Why did you delete the bogus comments you made at the beginning of the thread ? 😏😁

    Quenton stein Reply

    @PanthersGodFSU23 cause I wanted to

RocketBot Reply

I hope Yetur gets healthy soon, dude is having a developmental year and needs his reps, he will be monster with Burns for the next several years

Sam Welsh Reply

What’s their obsession with how or why he has Covid, hes got it he’s isolating. Move on man who cares!!

Ty ZoSo Reply

“Hey Matt, tell me more about COVID 19”. These guys are idiots

C Dot13 Reply

Who’s waiting for CMC

Cru Reply

A true professional smart man who knows how to speak

Seth Marion Reply

Which panther got corona?

SandboxDevotee Reply

What about how shitty Tahir has been playing?

Ray Cordova Reply

Who has covid?

Ray Cordova Reply

Damn with all these injuries it will take flawless game planning and then a miracle for us to pull off a win vs the bears this week.

    Rah Money Reply

    It’s a defense game initially. But Teddy is the one who is subject to running it up. Foles can do something, but they jus have Allen Robinson to focus on. Rasul will have no problem keeping him with minimal production

L D Reply

here before jai norman

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