Matt Patricia on preparing to face Eagles – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Matthew andrews Reply

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Zackatk 27 Reply

Lions will be my life long favorite team I’m currently starting in high school hoping to make it to the nfl and get drafted by the lions

    Harjun B Reply

    Good luck my friend, and go Lions.

    Zackatk 27 Reply

    A Vapor that really sucks man

    Lorin Keehn Reply

    What position do you play or prefer.

    Zackatk 27 Reply

    Lorin Keehn receiver

A Vapor Reply

All the practice in the world will not help when you have a script to follow just Like the afternoon soap’s

    Dennis T Reply

    All the hate in the world will not bring you happiness

    A Vapor Reply

    @Dennis T I quit trying to be happy about the Lions years ago

George Morgan Reply

All i hope is CJ doesn’t sign with another NFC north team

    NOD RUB Reply

    He can I will send him a dozen of donuts a pound of thinly sliced honey baked ham and a keg of diet coke as a parting gift. He was Blount 2.0 last years version

    George Morgan Reply

    @NOD RUB it has little to nothing to do with his ability has opposed to his knowledge and access to lions playbook , sorta like the lions did against Arizona by picking up their practice squad QB…. save your money bud

    NOD RUB Reply

    @George Morgan that playbook stuff is so overrated lol every since that jets game it’s this popular opinion πŸ‘Ž

    George Morgan Reply

    @NOD RUB oh so you really dont understand football thats ok… quick question why do you think GB picked up Roberts after he failed 2 physicals?

lets talk America Reply

lets go baby all I’m thinking about is Sunday beating the eagles 2-0-1 come on lions “detroit vs everybody”

    MashedPotatoes Reply

    lets talk America its actually 2-1-0

    Matthew Szerlag Reply

    @MashedPotatoes nope. I just double checked all available resources and the record is officially 1-0-1. The doctor suggests you drink 1 gallon of Honolulu blue kool-aid.

    lets talk America Reply

    @MashedPotatoes it might of felt like a loss but hey we’re second in the division and going to play a beat up eagles team and cards are a good team so I’m happy where were at

    demitrice wilkerson Reply

    lets talk America Demitrice

    Big Chody Reply

    @MashedPotatoes tie counts over a loss in the w/l ratio.

Scott McClellan Reply

Reporter: …”dont have a big back”
me: WTF are you blind or stupid? what is the 250 Lb Nick Bawden? a small back?
just sayin and referring to CJ as a Bowling ball? I mean some fan in his living room ok, but you are a media professional or supposed to be…Cmon media get better! πŸ™‚

Dennis Hyde Reply

I wish he would speak without the s sound.

Jay Pas Reply

Ty Johnson bout to get his first NFL touchdown!!!… Jesus is the Way, the Truth, & the Life! Have a blessed day everyone!

    Tyler Bouck Reply

    Holy is the Lamb! Holy is the Lion of Judah! Holy is the Son of Man! God bless you too brotha!

Deshawn Marshall Reply

I want to play for the Lions when I get grown

    The FireSpitter Reply

    Better be training now my man. Lots of dedication, blood, sweat, and tears.

    DaGoddson 313 Reply

    You will β€œ IF YOU REALLY WANT IT β€œ πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

bigperm079 Reply



byron walton Reply

1st.. Lets not give them so much credit; i mean give your guys some confidence.. There amazing according to you

Evan Obrien Reply

Get jalen Ramsey

    Aegon One Reply

    The jags want 2 first round picks. Plus whatever jalens agent works out.. he will be atleast 15 mil a year. It’s too pricey, plain and simple.

Jojo Giles Reply

Matty P a little testy today…

Mark Stapels Reply

All I can think of is Patrica’s revenge on the eagles from the SUPERBOWL 2 years ago lol

D1_Junk Reply

Would you trade a 1st for jalen?

    Dennis T Reply

    They want 2 first rounds for him.

    Andrew Taylor Reply

    @Dennis T yeah but they know they’re not going to get that, guarentee they would take a 1st and a 3rd

    D1_Junk Reply

    @Dennis T There is no way they get that. He is a very good player but he isnt a quarterback. Especially since the league know they dont have anhy leverage, he has made it public he doesn’t want to be there and I think he will be a free agent next year.

    I would absolutely trade a 1st for him if he signs a longterm contract.

    Derrick Davis Reply

    They get J and the defense is Superbowl ready…..tic toc

Phyllis Eldridge Reply

All that arm tackling not going to work against the Eagles.

Aaron Sanchez Reply

we beat eagles will have a tie breaker over them in final standings. will see the playoff picture after week 6. If we can pull off 3 phases of football sunday we can win we have experience & our hungry for more. i think we could possibly have a wc birth at 8-7-1 or 9-6-1. We can get over 10 games if we beat Philly than pull off a upset next week against kansas city

Lantz Legend Reply

Let’s go Lions baby 😊😊😊❀❀❀

Derrick Davis Reply

Feels good win a tough defensive battle. 1 down, 16 to come.#lionup

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