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Daryl Tate Reply

Just win one

    Jim Sands Reply

    Daryl Tate Sure… win a bunch, just not this coming week! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ ASAP ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Don Bur Reply

Detroit LIONS period

Iz Sincere Reply

Please feed Kerryon so he can get a rhythm this Sunday and please O line pick up blocking assignments keep Stafford upright and open some holes run game is the key so that pass game can come together not worried about the Defense they were still rusty may the football Gods let Jarrad Davis be healthy so we can fire Phillip Rivers up

    Iz Sincere Reply

    @bigperm079 yeah he did really good with Jarrad Davis in the mix it will allow even more pressure and more capability to stop the run because you can pressure with Davis because of his speed or put JT at either jack or will to confuse the opponent I’m hoping they just had to knock the dust off and learn from the mistakes because this really looks like a special team once they click on all cylinders

    lets talk America Reply

    we didnt feed him enough that boy is hungry

    bigperm079 Reply

    @Iz Sincere agree but that only happens if JD is 75+% healthy. Ankle sprains can be tricky, as far as recovering from one. No rush/panic. But I agree with everything u said.

    🗣️ DVE D🦁E🦁N

    bigbabyzubas Reply

    O lines gotta make more Holes up the Middle. Separate that Middle spot, then BAM!

    That helps for the Run Block on oass plays later on..

    Nick Cerini Reply

    Dude the D was solid all game until the bad coaching in the 4th quarter. Our secondary is going to be nasty this year.

Zack Cook Reply

Lions needs to win this game against the chargers so we can still be a playoffs team lions defense is playing good do far I hope jarred davis plays he would help the lions defense and matthew stafford and the receiver are playing good too just the offensive line needs to block better and we need to run the ball alot too and Agnew needs to catch better in punt returns I think the lions will get the win against the chargers 26-23 because lions are at home and lions are usally good at home games and matthew stafford is going to have a another good game and the defensive line will stop Austin the running for the chargers lions win 26-23

    bigbabyzubas Reply


    Must win.

    Gonna be a Gun Show.

    Riley Ladiero Reply

    Chargers only lost one game that was away and they have a really good pass rush this is an L for the lions

bigperm079 Reply

🗣️ DVE D🦁E🦁N

lets talk America Reply

i hope you prepared a little harder coach p that tie/loss to the cards is not ok to us fans I have faith this weekend

Thunder/Lions Fan Reply

Lions 31- Chargers 14 our defense is PISSED

    ash. Reply

    @Thunder/Lions Fan Keenan locked up? Don’t make me laugh you must not know the chargers wide receivers if you think you should only be worried about keenan lmao

    beleh toma Reply

    Maybe we can run the ball with Austin, u saw that man last week. And never underestimate Keenan 🤭⚡️

    ash. Reply

    @Thunder/Lions Fan be back sunday

    bigperm079 Reply

    Perfect score

    🗣️ DVE D🦁E🦁N

Mr Steal Yo Bitch Reply

Our next 3 teams are top ten in power rankings so far. We might beat chargers but chiefs are going to murder us

    Aegon One Reply

    @Emmet Browne oh yeah. My bad. Honestly was pretty impressed with Arizona’s defense. Surprised the hell out of me.

    Aegon One Reply

    @Emmet Browne that and tyreek hill is out for 4-6 weeks so that helps a little bit. Still have to deal with kelce and Watkins. Lightens the load a little though. The eagles are a 50 50 for me

    Emmet Browne Reply

    Terrell Suggs is an energy creator. Guys play better when he’s on your side. Chandler Jones is tough. That team will surprise some team’s this year. Win some games they shouldn’t.

    Aegon One Reply

    @Emmet Browne yeah and you have guys saying “oh taylor decker cant take on a 36 year old line backer”. Well of course you idiots.. the guy wouldn’t still be in the league if he didn’t still have the talent and ability.. if anything he’s gotten better with age lol. But yea Chandler is def a top 5-10 defensive end.. he will test a lot of teams. Honestly if the cards have a winning season this year people wont be so hard on the lions for tieing the game. In reality they scored 2 touchdowns in the 4th.. not unheard of. The poor defense was on the field for 90 snaps. Some of the guys are in need of some more conditioning training still.

    Emmet Browne Reply

    100%. I was actually at the game too. Sitting thirty rows up. The Lions had elite defense through 3.5 quarters. The offensive line is the biggest problem. They have a better performance from them and the offense stays on the field and scores more points and the defense doesn’t get as tired. Kyler is going to hit his stride every game eventually. I thought it would be earlier and I think a more competitive game earlier would have been better for the Lions rather than sort of putting on the mental breaks and not sustaining drives late in the game and possibly not making as aggressive play calling as they could have.

Jerry Nosek Reply

the mechanics of a time out? jesus

    Tanner Swift Reply

    Yeesh. He would not let up. Move on dude.

Bryan Smith Reply

Agree with some of the other comments about “fundamentals” , when do you move past focusing on fundamentals and see the bigger picture? Hand placement didn’t cause last Sunday’s outcome. Pad level didn’t factor into the lack of protection adjustment to bail out Decker.

bigbabyzubas Reply

4:05 Lets hope our defence study’s that.

bigbabyzubas Reply

7:20 Unfortunately. It has become one.

Woulda coulda shoulda, I say.

Let’s get a good win At Home to forget that mess.

Lion Rumble 81 Reply


Found Scott Reply

Taylor Decker is horrible.

    B Bennett Reply

    He kicked chandlers butt and he had no stats last time they played, you could see the back injury was stopping him from getting out of his stance after the 1st quarter.

    bigperm079 Reply

    @B Bennett 💯💯💯

    Nick Cerini Reply

    He just had a bad game. We cannot let those holding penalties hold us back, no pun intended.

B Bennett Reply

The d line was dead after many of them missed training camp, they were so tired Kevin strong was getting reps in the 4th

Hatters House 710 Reply

Lions 27 Chargers 24

FlynHawn Reply

The TO cost us the game imo. Patricia really pissed me off by refusing to talk about it. Fg own up to your mistakes. If the resposibility is on Bevell, own up to it. If the responsibility is on Patricia, own up to it. Either way, be honest with the fanbase.

laMar Horton Reply

If u tied like with the ravens or the chargers that would be acceptable u tied with some bums.

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