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Matt Patricia on injury and practice updates

Head Coach Matt Patricia talks to the media about injury updates and how the team plans on moving forward regarding Week 6 at Lambeau Field against the Packers.

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Skiks Reply


    Cad Bane Reply

    #ONEPRIDE Letd get this rythm going detroit!!! Also the wings are doing great as well:):) starting to see a trend here!!! We got stevie Y in the office and the bob quin matt Patricia combination rollin. Just need the tiger’s and piston’s to get started here

Cad Bane Reply

Were just like Falcons but better in every way. Only reason I compare is because have have alot of guys named “matt” on our team too lol

Chris Caahbaugh Reply

We’ve had 2 weeks to look at GREEN BAY its time to take the pencil out and play Whack-A-Mole with Rodgers🔨🔨🔨#1pride🔥

Matthew Phillip Prater Reply

I’ll be there

PALi friendly Reply

We might get some helping HANDS this week.

yayo badass Reply

Somethin tell me TJ goin to play on Monday nite our offense just gt that better

Jerry Nosek Reply

16 -1-1 how about that.

    Losson Luckett Reply

    thats 18 games we’d have to be 14-1-1

    Jerry Nosek Reply

    @Losson Luckett im thinking superbowl maybe?

    Elliott Thorn Reply

    12-3-1 seasons and 3-0 playoffs and bowl

    Jerry Nosek Reply

    @Elliott Thorn im good with that.thanks for responding.didnt think anyone cared.

The Up North Sage Reply

One pride!!!..we got the best strong arm qb in the nfl…play hard, and play smart….if they make mistakes…make them big, and make us old school guys proud

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