Matt Patricia on final preparations for Philadelphia – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Chris Caahbaugh

Keep getting better coach💯

Owen Davison

All gas no breaks let’s take it to them and get this win one pride!!!!!

    Alex Johnson

    Owen Davison you’re gonna lose

    EDventures *

    @Alex Johnson Thats what you’re hoping for.

    lets talk America

    @Alex Johnson why you trolling every lion vids and hating I hope your a eagles fan y’all looked horrible against falcons and almost lost to redskins I would be worried esp how cowboys are playing

George Morgan

Stay in single high press man all game

lets talk America

we win if we clean up on secondary and special teams and double ertz defense line is hungry this week and in the mood for some eagle

MVPswag Sr.

Be aggressive Be Be aggressive 🗣✊ 😂 take shots all game! Find a way to take the TE erts out the game and we should feast like our bellies are empty

Scott McClellan

There ya Go Matty P talking about what I been saying all week. Week 1 Hock & Amendola combined for over 200 passing yards, week 2 it was KG, MJ & Kerryon this is a new lions, lions fans less predictable more balanced and if they take one thing away there is someone else to get production. Winning 101 right there at the end of this interview!!

young og

wonder who getting the most LT work in…in practice…

Jerry Nosek

you have to go up in air and come back down.hmmmm

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