Matt Patricia on building momentum from Eagles game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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klompsauce Reply

3 sundays and we haven’t lost

    Jimmy Neutron Reply

    Chiefs are so hard to beat i won’t care if we lose to them as long as we keep it realatively close

    My96XJ Reply

    Umm… you only won 2 of those 3

    Jimmy Neutron Reply

    @My96XJ we haven’t lost though lol are you dumb?

    hakkujin Reply

    To be fair…3 Sundays and you haven’t played Kansas City. You can double up on Kelce, but you leave Robinson, Watkins, Thomas, Pringle and Hardman open for Patrick MaHowitzer to hit them with those 85 yard plays if they catch you sleeping for a second.

Casey Wolff Reply

Let’s get it

Lane Reply

Can we please get high quality mics for the press?!

    Jack Miller Reply

    @Stone Gair one man’s trash, is another mans Gold.
    Chiefs, @Packers, Vikings, Giants, @Raiders, @Bears, Cowboys, @Redskins, Bears, @Vikings, Buccaneers, @Broncos, Packers!

    Dan Sim Reply

    @Stone Gair defiantly not garbage but Patrica is getting more out of a avg defense than most teams would. Not even going to talk about offense

    Stone Gair Reply

    @Dan Sim the defense is there but the offense is not

    kain7513 Reply

    @Stone GairIf we’re garbage what will that make you after we wipe our asses with your team?

tj reed Reply

We got to beat the chiefs

    Jimmy Neutron Reply

    No we don’t

    The Big Take Reply

    I mean thankfully since we won this game and week 2 it puts us in a spot where win or lose we will be okay coming out of week 4 vs KC that’s why us beating the eagles was so huge

    Jimmy Neutron Reply

    @The Big Take yep it would be a huge statement to beat the chiefs but i won’t be mad if we don’t get it done

    The Big Take Reply

    @Jimmy Neutron absolutely hey man i make Detroit Lions and Pistons content over on my YouTube channel if you wanna check it out

Daniel Bowler Reply

He doesn’t seem to excited about playing KC 😑

    LUCKY Reply

    U wouldn’t be either after watching film of the best offense in the league

    Brent Stack Reply

    I think he works tirelessly! Looks like a guy putting in 20 hour days to me

Drew Brown Reply

From that standpoint

Carl Arrahman Reply

Detroit can beat KC. The main ingredients for a win in my opinion is pressure up the middle. Sacks, sacks and sacks. Don’t let them get comfortable at all.and by all means ✋ the run…and last but not least. No turnovers and cause KC to turn it over and score td’s not field goals off of them. It’s a tall order no doubt but., this is what u get paid big bucks for..

    shane taylor Reply

    If you blitz mahomes he will make you pay. Hes the number 1 qb vs the blitz and has alot of tds off of blitz plays.

    shane taylor Reply

    @313 JMO 😂😂 Mahomes going to go nuts in a dome. Lamars numbers are better then stafford this year

    shane taylor Reply

    @Joe Earl so you think. Chief have alot of playmakers on that defense. Dont base it off last year.

    Gabriel Frias Reply

    shane taylor not true I don’t where you got that stat for this year brady is 1 Wilson 2 and rivers 3 against the blitz for last year patty struggled against the blits ( ravens and patriots)

    Gabriel Frias Reply

    shane taylor Lamar Jackson didn’t played good his throws were off and they didn’t really run the ball not surprised when Kansas City cheifs face a top 10 qb who could put up points they’ll struggle like against Brady , Wilson , rivers last year even Big Ben against the Steelers (I’m not saying stafford is top 10 but better than Lamar who has faced easier defense)

Dennis T Reply

Change Our Culture Change Our World 🌎. FINISH STRONG.

Dennis T Reply

I Believe in this TEAM.

313 Jackson Reply

Looking good nice job!

Taprman Reply

Let’s shock the world!

John Pacheco Reply

I like the lions to win. Great chemistry right now. Can’t have any mistakes but any given Sunday

Mark Douglas Reply

Lions always have such tough schedules. If they were in the AFC west or whatever the patriots are in, they would get playoffs every year

    clipsfansince july052019 Reply

    Mark Douglas wow, you don’t know football.

    Mark Douglas Reply

    @clipsfansince july052019 I dont know directions. Obviously Boston is in the East lol

    clipsfansince july052019 Reply

    Mark Douglas how do you not know what division the pats play in dog

    Mark Douglas Reply

    @clipsfansince july052019 because other than the Pats it’s completely irrelevant lol

    clipsfansince july052019 Reply

    Mark Douglas bills are currently a top 10 team lol

Joe Earl Reply

The point is everyone said we go into week 7 as 1-5 team some people said 0-6. I believe in Patricia’s schematics for the following two games. If we enter that’s point as a 4-1-1 team we’re set up for a great season like possibly 11-4-1 season It’s gonna be fun season even if we’re 10-5-1

    Jack Ganem Reply

    Joe Earl even if we are 8-8-1 I would be happy lmao

    Joey Snow1 Reply

    @Jack Ganem thats 17 games

Detroit Ballgame Reply


bigperm079 Reply

Fill that tank up so we can empty it on sunday


Tone Capone Reply

What in the sad Christ is coming out his mustache
Is that a winning bump

Pin Nip Reply

We play our best against the best teams. I’m predicting a win, like last year vs NE.

zebulan ruple Reply

New drinking game.
Take a shot every time Matty p says standpoint. This goes for any press conference.

Timothy Hannahan Reply

I am a die hard Chiefs Fan, but this is going to be much closer than uninformed fans know!
GOOO CHIEFS (Note I was a huge Rodney Pete Fan)!
Hope for a great game and no one gets hurt to bad

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